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You do not have permission to download files
File Name: SaladinROM Epic 4G Fully Stock (Unknown Size) Download
Author: puertoblack2003 (Uploaded by puertoblack2003)
Date Added: November 24th, 2011
Downloads: 2
Grade: Not Rated
Thanks to Calkulin for his rom base and few tweaks utilize for my rom. This is ROM version SPH-D710.EG30_CL435803_REV05 post by squshy7

I have been running this rom for a week straight without any issues whats so ever, despite what people has been mentioning about L.O.S. My setup is v EG30 using Baseband modem E31 and kernel version EG30 stock with with cw recovery. And I've been good with battery life to at least 12 to 16 hours a day on heavy use.

In order to flash this rom you must be rooted using this method by sfhub > LINK After you have rooted your device, i suggest using chris41g's stock [EG30 repacked with CWM5] [EG31 repacked with CWM5]. I have tested all methods and found that this bootimg is stable and smoother.

read more here >> http://forum.androidcustomcreations....velopment/534-[rom]-saladinrom-epic-4g-fully-stock-deodexed-build-sph-d710-eg30-junkware-removed-11-24-2011-a.html#post847

Thread Discussion

Thread Discussion
SaladinROM Epic 4G Fully Stock by puertoblack2003 on November 24th, 2011
You do not have permission to download files

June 7th, 2010 at 02:29 PM
thanks for the heads up i was hoping that i can get into system/app file and remove it.But beings that the evo is not 100% rooted i'm unable to remove both apps from command.

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