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  • hey whats up i just got my mogul and i am seeing all this new themes for it and it is looking like you are the best at the mogul so if you could help me get the best theme for my mogul i would really be thankful and i have no idea how to put it on my phone i am kinda a dumbie when it comes to stuff like this so please help and which is a better program or theme the diamond or the iphone i just want the best lol
    srry for asking but u got a nice theme in the video on how to setup ultimate Launch can u tell me wht it is called or the url plse man
    my carrier
    is mobistar i am from belgium have a touch elf touch essential v.1.5 real fast rom clean from xda developers bud your rom is madly cool grtz tom
    hey, bro, i just shot you that donation for this kick ass rom, keep me updated on this Jew/Kaos hybrid situation!! :lol:
    nice rom. i flashed the full app rom yo it is just crazy. the speeds are quick everythin is just nice. good job on the rom
    so thats perty dirty of you to rock a mogul for god knows how long and then switch to the touch and two weeks later drop a rom for it! I myself dl the builder but for the life of me cant figure it all out! i built one off of a base that was just a bunch of oems from the kitchen and ran it. it was dope but i wanted a one off and still dont get that shit! anyways good work these days and hope to see good reviews!
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