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  • I have to say your ROM is excellent!!!!! I have cooked ROMs but this one is the best I have used. I have a few little things but I think it is BBExtream 5.0. Your ROM is actually more stable then the stock Sprint ROM. Great Job!!!
    For sprint tv, it isnt working as of now but we are working on some things, and for telenav, just do a search here and then dl the cab.
    Whats good man, excellent job on on the ATR3 ROM, it was the first ROM i ever flashed. One question tho, is there a way to enable Sprint TV and Navigation??? i love those apps and wish was on the ROM. Hit me back
    broski whst goin on bro i notice ur lookin at the sprint mail issue thread i been havin problems also but i cant seem to find netframe 2.0
    Hey broski... thanks for the add man.. I did eventually end up makin it to the galleria, its been a lil while since Ive been over that way (my old stomping grounds)... but not much has change...
    um not around us, but I usually gt a casing when ever I go to the palisade mall or the galeria in whiteplains, ny.....I dont shop around the hood lol
    Hey... Broski...my fellow Bx bomber!... Thanks for all your help with the android situation... hey Listen... do you know of any good shops around our way to get some phone accessories for the vogue... i think i'd like an armour casing.. cause i sometimes have butterfingers...lol!
    hey broski i cant install dose themes on my htc touch can you show me how???? i have all ready the throttle launcher intalled on my phone but i dont understand how to instal the themes can u help me?
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