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    Cect p168c

    Anyone familiar with CECT P168C. Can someone recommend a good English language support site for this phone. When is the next version of this phone due out. Is this phone compatible with iphone apps, does it have wifi, will the next version have wifi ? Anyone know of a reputable retailer of this...
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    WM5/6 requirements

    Does anyone know if my Ipaq HX4700 would meet the requirements for WM5 and WM6. What are the major differences between the two operating systems ? I searched the forums but did not find any documentation on the above questions.
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    Use any controller with any PC game.

    For those who have wanted to use a joypad with a game but the only controller supported are keyboards - try xpadder, it allow you you to use any controller with any game, no additional drivers, the application is a .exe file which does not require installing just load the app and configure your...
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    Flash Flow Search

    I was watch BBC Click and show a review of a search engine called Searchme, I can’t believe no one has done this before. This search engine is user friendly, intuitive and simple. The site requires flash and is a RAM hog, I was using Firefox 3.0.1 ad the site caused Firefox to double...
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    Adapter with multi connector

    I bought a Jornada 520, a Jornada 430 and a Palm M130 a few hours ago, I don’t if they work, I do not have power adapters for them. Does anyone know of a power adapter that comes with various different connects as well as the possibility of changing the voltage to match each PPC...
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    If anyone is interested in disassembling their PCC then check out this channel. Good straight forward tutorials and the techs do answer questions.
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    SDHC capabilities

    I found this link which indicates that it is possible to use high capacity cards with older PPC.
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    If anyone have access to a Zeemote, could you please do a complete review on post in the forum. This looks like a good device but I would want to do a lot more with it than play games.
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    SDHC capabilities

    Anyone have god good link that explains the differences between normal SD and SDHC, I am aware of the size differences. I would like to some info on any benchmark testing done and is it remotely possible that my IPAQ could possible be able to read and write to SDHC by the means of different...
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    Enable usb powering

    No that does not work, I've tried several different voltages and different currents.
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    Enable usb powering

    I appreciate the advice but I won't be trying that one. Maybe you can give me some advice on a different method, I have a universal power adapter, my PDA requires that it's charged at 2amps and at a rate of 5V DC but the universal adapter when set to 5V; will charge at 2.5amps. Is there anyway...
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    Enable usb powering

    I have a HP Ipaq HX 4700, I've lost the power charger and I do not want to buy another or a universal power adapter. Is it possible to charge the battery via the cradle connected to my computer's usb port ? The battery is flat and Windows Mobile by default has usb powering disabled. When I...
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    Hi from PlipO

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