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  • hey my name is jonathan i have a htc touch pro i wanted to get that theme alienware can u help me out call me at 310 261 5420 thanks bro
    Yo Mike,

    I just got my pro and wanted to know what movie player you recommend, or do you convert your movies thanks.
    mike the diamond inteface is indeed off the hook. much props!!!. thank you for your help and keep up with these great creations. Jsnow from carolina PR much luv
    trust me that this site is the most complete site for PPC's and smartphones where theres no limit on applications, hacks, and support, all we need is ore skilled developers like you to keep the PPC game alive. And i also thought that you wouldnt like someone else posting your work so thats why offered to resease them yourself bro, anyway... welcome to the Family Bro!!!!!

    im sure you will love it here
    Thanks for thinking enough of my work to bring it to your forum. Now that I know where you are I will be sure and post my future work here also.

    Great forum by the way.
    i know i know PB i way saying the same thing to D/\SH... but since ill always be mike20pr in everyones book, then why not keep it??
    Hello Mike my name is Larry I thought i would introduce myself to you since I just signed up last night . Hot 300c bro' , party your ass off for once legally ! My wheechair needs a hemi, I wish. Don't get to f@#ked up tonight , chat later bro' . 526hemi was here !
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