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  • Thanks Diana so far so good.I was in a shock mode when i heard that from my daughter.But everyone in my family is wishing me and my daughter well and hope that everything turns out for the good.Thanks for your thoughts :0)
    Right back at YOU!!!!!
    I do check in, been missing you. ALL. and definitely thinking of everyone and all the fun stuff here.

    will be back soon!!
    hi thanks for the compliment just proud to be trial staff @spj so i do my best
    sorry for my poor english bud me from belgium LOL
    congrats on award and was stopping buy to ask u 2 send me the images u want turned into s2u2 i have been of for a min due to had to put a new hd and install os and my programs peace
    LOL - nope, almost left the same message to you the other day - nice to see you around and thanks, you are finding some great apps out there. ;)
    ummm yea, so no vert breakers and yellow theme, if u can make the color of the theme the same as the shoes..
    I thought you were going to the movies....LOL!

    as soon as the kids are down, will send it off to you. Do you want the vertical line breakers gone as well?
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