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  • Acually both... one day I logged on mindin my own... got on the boardz, and saw I was staff... coffused as hell then came across a kinda hidden thread... and it was like a lil congrats/hazing
    Lmao yeah when I finlaly signed back on Scott from the site PM me that!!!! I thought it was pretty sick. So how did that work lol one you signed on and said Trail Staff or they hit you up here about it ?
    Yeah!!! I am gonna put in work and give my best shot. I was until my stupid laptop gave out on me lol. Maybe things will go for me like they did for you once you made God Like status you became staff lmao. I there to now......
    Oh Yeah Congrats too man in the time I was gone you did big things Trial Staff!!!!! Nice bro keep up the work
    Took your advice on trimn the border on my sig and it looks a lot better! thanks for the input last night.
    Haha, I see you were asking Taylor about a staff guide. I was actually thinking about making one, I know Coderz has something thrown together on his comp that he hasn't put out yet. So, if ya got any questions about staff duties, just hit me up. Also, post your number in the staff thread with all out numbers in it.
    LOL no staff guide....before when i was staff i just learned as i trial staff your limted to just giving infractions....which i doubt you'll give becuase you dont seem like you'd ever give one....ur like broski you love everyone....but whn u become full staff you'll be able to moved threads,close em, edit ppls posts, edit your posts and some other cool get a staff control panel and its easy to navigate,
    HAHA ya man you been killin the boards lately and you deserve u get all the perks of staff.....just wait till u can edit posts and shit....makes things sooo much easier
    Yeah!!! that is right I have to agree with you there Goku is gonna win he has no weakness other than food haha if you know what i am talking about....... I started a thread on it so we can really see what people think lol
    Yeah when I saw the picture today online when making my Theme it made me think on it who would win. I think if you know anything about DBZ lol. And if you have seen DBGT then i would take Goku at that Super Sayian 4 pretty unstopable lmao..... Yeah you are right money is on Goku. And you would take ?
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