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  • Oh man, you ****in trial staff noob!!!!! Hahahaha, you didnt even realize that it said reprted posts, check for spam? HHAHAHAHAHA :noob: :eek:wned: :noob: :eek:wned: :noob: :eek:wned: :noob: :eek:wned: :noob: :eek:wned: :noob: :eek:wned: :noob: :eek:wned: :noob: :eek:wned: :noob: :eek:wned: :noob: :eek:wned: :noob: :eek:wned: :noob: :eek:wned: :noob: :eek:wned: :noob: :eek:wned: :noob: :eek:wned:
    HAHA... kool kool... Ill just keep doin my thing,thanks for all the help bro... if there was a thanks button in profilr pages, i definatly be sendin some extra to you...
    HAHA... yeah, thnx man... Im just happy to be movin on up in the world... I def luv SPJ, so it's nice to get a lil acknowledgment for whatever help i can give... Ima enjoy this rite now, lol...

    Hey T... is there some sort of staff guide I should be reading or something?...LOL?
    LOL... I know..

    The first thing I thought when I saw my name in green is, "My man T... been sellin a brotha!"
    Good lookin out bro...
    dude this is a visitor board....not for support.....please dont support questions again.....this has been discussed many times.
    man i need help on how to install different themes and dialer skins and stuff on my touch pro...can u please help me
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