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  • hi you look nice ..can you help me how do i post to forums.
    sorry i dont understand the page yet.

    Me to but i felt left behind when everybody got theres and i still had the mogul and they were talking about how they can change tf3d themes and all that junk so i had to get 1
    when i clicked on the link you gave me it said i dont have permission to be in there and lol can you take it slow iam into computers not phones
    Greetings Li'l Daisy!! Thanks for the add. Awesome to see a chick who's both a DJ and tech inclined! Very rare indeed. Well, not sure if my profile shows but im from New Zealand thousands of miles away towards Antarctica. Samoan descent. I also DJ (mobile), usually RnB Funk Soul stuff and also like to tinker with tech stuff too hence hittin this site. Have a funky and musical great weekend. Peace. Steve
    Making friends is always nice. Im usually on the boards looking for hacks or progs so not too much time is spent looking at the other aspects of the site.
    lol. Yea. Feeling kinda dumb now. Gotta love finals week. I could blame the lack of sleep for not knowing where the software is. haha.
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