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    Sprint HTC Touch Pro 2 Price **Official Word**

    Re: Sprint HTC Touch Pro 2 Price Official Word lol for sure i'll let u know what i can find :)..i might just get 1 cuz my husband said hes happy with his TP :( boo...
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    Stranger Slapped Crying Child, Police Say

    oh hell no...this old guy would be laid the hell down if he put a hand on my son..this pisses me off just to hear about it...
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    Sprint HTC Touch Pro 2 Price **Official Word**

    honestly guys..i dont really mind the looks like a wonderful device...and the hardware seems a lot better made than the "chipping chrome" and the "sometimes working" keyboard :) gonna be getting two of as soon as i do i expect a bad a$$ ROM to be ready :lol: jk :D...
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    Happy Birthday Mike20PR best wishes on ur special day :) enjoy it and stay safe :)
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    New Chick on SPJ

    well hello there :) its always nice to add to the active females on here :lol: looking forward to seeing you around the forum :) have fun and enjoy ur new device :) we're all here to help :thumb:
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    New Member

    Well hello there Adan :) Recognize me??... :lol:... Welcome to the glad you it will be so much easier for you to customize ur phone to your liking :)... You know where to find me if you need any help k :thumb: (Hes my cousin) :)
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    Popularity Contest

    i'll give JR a 10 cuz hes been very helpful and active on the boards lately :thumb:
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    wow you've done some nice the way..has anybody ever told you that you kinda look like tyler parry??? :)
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    this was happening to me too...turns out this site is best viewed with Firefox...what browser are u using??..i was using IE when this was happening...try using another browser see if that message goes away...
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    Show Me

    :lol: here's ur request show me....a gay soccer player LMAO!!!
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    Happy Birthday BiG JeW

    Happy Bday JewBear :) i hope you have thee best time ever!!! love u!! and my best wishes ur way.. :D
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    Mexico beats USA AGAIN

    So to add to todays husband and i are rivals when it comes to anything sports related..he is what people call Chicano..born in the USA but have mexican born parents...therefore he feels he should support Mexico...why I have no clue..he just always cheers for Mexico..he even watches...
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    Battery Fix

    got it...will do PB :) :thumb: thanks :D
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    Battery Fix

    alrighty...then its just what im looking for :) think this will interfere with taylors tweak?..or will it just override it? any case im still gonna try this out for myself :) thanks :)
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    Battery Fix

    this may be my noob moment...but just is this different from Taylor's battery tweak?...better? worse? difference?...