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  • Must be nice. It sucks, this would be such a good job if we had good bosses. People now-a-days only look out for themselves. Its ridiculous when you can't even count on your SGT or LT to NOT throw you under a bus.
    Hahaha, I feel that man. It's doing allright over here. Im trying to get outta this field though withing the next year or two. Me and my father are opening up recovery houses. BIG money in them man. I can't wait till I can tell my Capt and LT to go **** themselves!!!! Hahaha
    Thanks bro :) ya I've been chilln with the kids and just taking it easy lately. Had a great 4th (walked home to be safe LOL) and hope you did to.
    Na bro dont get depressed, my first wife doesnt have a brain in her head either and is a totally psyco hooker (oldest two's mother). It's just all on our shoulders to teach and be leaders to our kids and thats a great job. :) I always stay possitive. You should to
    Well that's good hes learning from his mistakes and growing as an individual. With time comes knowledge and hopefully he sits down and thinks about what you tell him and grows on that knowledge and wisdom.
    Ya 10 yr olds can be stressful, It always works out though. My oldest boy is 10, then theirs the 7yr old girl, 19mon old boy and the baby boy. LOL I would think I would know how to use a rubber my now! LOL :)
    well thats good your busy, but workn that many hrs in a row sucks. the most they ever let me do was 16s for a week and it sucked. :) the wife is good and austin is turning into a chunk with a double chin lol. how about your fam?
    No i havent! I would llove it....unfortunately i dont think that my gf would love it nearly as much as I would! LOL.....gonna search for it anyway!
    LOL ya a lilltle bit. speaking of Kate have you seen the underworld theme that tylerspj did for me a while back? Smoken hot :)
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