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    Stranger Slapped Crying Child, Police Say

    Re: Stranger Slapped Crying Child Police Say First, yes he was wrong. But....Who hasn't wanted to do this? LMAO. I find humor in this.
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    Help XOR - alpha build 10 - CE OS 5223017 (Build 23017530) - Manila 25 -

    you talking about 23037 or something newer?
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    TCPMP Video Player Tech1 Digital Play Standalone Version ALL NEW

    The new Tech1 TCPMP Digital Play Video/Audio/Stereo/Decoders Stand Alone Version is below. It should work with most video formats. Before using, go to Options> Settings> Select Page> File Association and check all the file associations boxes, a one time event only. When first opening the player...
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    Help XOR - alpha build 10 - CE OS 5223017 (Build 23017530) - Manila 25 -

    hmm I'm not sure. I had my gmail set up but I don't usually get any emails through it so I couldn't say for sure. My other emails were working tho. I had to flash because my contacts wouldn't sync through activesync exchange. The tf3d interface wasn't slugish at all tho, which surprised me.
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    Help XOR - alpha build 10 - CE OS 5223017 (Build 23017530) - Manila 25 -

    I was just about to post the download link but then I noticed that in the original thread the author asked not to.....so I wasn't sure what to do. However this is the only 2.5 rom that I have found out there and it really isn't bad. I am liking it so far. --------- New Post Merged on...
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    Help XOR - alpha build 10 - CE OS 5223017 (Build 23017530) - Manila 25 -

    ** This is a very alpha build -- this means there will be bugs ** Big thanks to muttim86 and the XOR team for the Manila 2.5 VGA port and the other Leo packages in this ROM! Visit www.projectxor.com This is currently the only CDMA Touch Pro Rom with these packages available. build is...
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    EasyHelper SMS Security v2.3

    Re: EasyHelper SMS Security v23 I love this app and have had it installed for awhile now but does anybody know of an alternative with all of the same features? For some reason when I have it set to encrypt all it works great but when I only encrypt certain numbers it fails....although it did...
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    [APP][BETA] gVo v01b - 08/10/09 (Google Voice Dialer)

    Ok well I put my email address in for a request for it so hopefully they will send me one.
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    [APP][BETA] gVo v01b - 08/10/09 (Google Voice Dialer)

    Does anybody have any invites to google voice? I would like to check it out.
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    Me estoy volviendo LOCO

    Cuando tengas suficientes posts mira aqui. Todo es gratiz aqui amigo. https://www.smartphonejunkie.org/wmwifirouter-150-build-t184097.html?t=184097&highlight=router
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    Me estoy volviendo LOCO

    Si quieres wifi debes buscar wmwifirouter
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    KeepMyTones v11 (Freeware)

    My bad....I did a search but I just copied the title from XDA and so it probably didn't come up because it had been updated. sorry. Anyways though, I noticed that when this app backs up ringtones it creates an xml. I don't know if all xmls are the same or some are formatted certain ways or...
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    KeepMyTones v11 (Freeware)

    KeepMyTones V13 - Saving your Ringtone and Notification Events (7-31-2009) KeepMyTones V1.3 - Saving your Contact Ringtone and Sounds & Notifications Settings. If your are like me and most of you are if you are on this forum. You love to hack/flash/reset/whatever to your phone but when you do...
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    Sounds and Notifications

    Does anybody know where you can get additional sounds and notifications from? I have tried a couple of roms that had special ones cooked in. For example one said "excuse me boss, you have a text message". Anybody know where to find these?
  15. V

    My Mobiler v1.23 (Freeware)

    Re: My Mobiler v123 (Freeware) To follow up on my question about there being a cab for this program........I never found one. But what I did do was I copied "remote.exe" from the windows folder on my device into Sashimi/Auto/Root/Windows on my storage card. I haven't tested yet but I am...
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    New 8/15/09 #intxROM 2.5# |WM 6.1 Manila 2.1| // True Perfection = Released

    Re: 8/15/09 #intxROM 25# |WM 61 Manila 21| // True Perfection = Released Anybody tried this out?
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    Help |HERM|ROM|65|WWE| EnergyROM Warhawk (23016) | 08/11 | Manila 21 |

    Re: |HERM|ROM|65|WWE| EnergyROM Aurora (23016) || Built August 1s I've been running it since last night and it is pretty good....however there are some strange bugs. Randomly when I get texts it says they are from the spring operator....when they aren't. Also I will get calls and it...
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    My Mobiler v1.23 (Freeware)

    Re: My Mobiler v123 (Freeware) Bump bump....i know there is a cab somewher
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    Hide My IP 2009 Full Version

    ok i just downloaded and installed and the keys don't work....they have emails associated w/ them but there is not area in the program registration to enter an email
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    My Mobiler v1.23 (Freeware)

    Re: My Mobiler v123 (Freeware) Does anybody have a cab version of this? Every time I flash I have to run the damn exe version on my computer and it would be nice if i could just pop a cab in my sashimi.