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  1. V

    Help XOR - alpha build 10 - CE OS 5223017 (Build 23017530) - Manila 25 -

    ** This is a very alpha build -- this means there will be bugs ** Big thanks to muttim86 and the XOR team for the Manila 2.5 VGA port and the other Leo packages in this ROM! Visit www.projectxor.com This is currently the only CDMA Touch Pro Rom with these packages available. build is...
  2. V

    Sounds and Notifications

    Does anybody know where you can get additional sounds and notifications from? I have tried a couple of roms that had special ones cooked in. For example one said "excuse me boss, you have a text message". Anybody know where to find these?
  3. V

    VIPs 1st tat

    So a couple of months ago I posted this here: https://www.smartphonejunkie.org/tattoo-picturea-little-t184205.html?t=184205&highlight=tattoo and a few of you helped me get the images in a usable format. Well here they are now on my skin....with my own twist. I'm gonna get it wrapped around...
  4. V

    Idea for Site change

    I've been thinking....after spending a lot of time on facebook and getting used to it's layout, I think that it would be pretty cool if some of the options would be implemented here at SPJ. For instance....the option to hide specific forums would be great. I don't have an iphone or an android...
  5. V

    Top task bar size

    I've looked around a bit and have seen nothing that can change the size of the upper task bar. I have big fingers and the new wm 6.5 and rhodium enhancements are helping a lot with the touch friendliness of wm....however, i still have to use my finger nail to hit the start and X buttons. I...
  6. V

    Corrupt 16gb SD

    Damn....today out of nowhere my phone started freezing up when I went into file explorer. My computer doesn't even detect that my sd is there even with a card reader. I got it off of ebay about 3 weeks ago. What should I do? I have a couple of tricks up my sleeve as last resorts but just...
  7. V

    Tattoo picturea little help

    I know that we have many technologically talented people here. I'm going to get a tattoo and I found a few designs that I want on the internet. The only problem is that they are trying to charge me to print a picture of it. It would be one thing if it was a couple of bucks...but it is pretty...
  8. V

    [ ISSUE SOLVED ] Shut down my port

    Hey guys, I'm just wondering what is going on. I live in a college dorm building and yesterday my ethernet stopped working. I check with a kid 2 doors down and his works fine. I can log on the school service through wireless but no browser on my computer will work. It looks like it tries to...
  9. V

    Contacts First Last automatically

    Hey guys, I found an app over at XDA called contact changer 1.3 and it is supposed to automatically file all of your contacts as First, Last. However, it didn't work on my pro. Anybody know of another app that does this? I don't want to go through all of my contacts and do it manually...
  10. V

    (4-5-09) SAC RhodiumPro 15 build 21109

    finally got it main stream =D> clean version only (with Rhodium manila) Programs: touch response taskbar battery meter task bar skin update Arcsoft 5.0.8 w/ mms 5mb sending update opera mobile sliding sounds- raphael addition Rhodium Manila w/ Sprint Theme incall recorder google maps
  11. V

    StarROM 20 (The New Beginning) WM 65 5221222

    :headbang:2.0:headbang:[/CENTER] Whats new in 2.0 -StarROM.tsk - custom task & softkey bar in all app (check it out) -Finger Keyboard as default (but still has black ezinput) -6.5 taskbar icons -htc calculator now works in Titanium Version -All Manila bugs are worked out and boy its SMOOTH...
  12. V

    [5-25-09] eRice TP Kitchen v2.0 [SYS OS 5.2.21234 Build 21234.5.0.1] All Ca

    ElectronicRice's Touch Pro Kitchen v2.0 (CE 5.2.21234 Build 21234.5.0.1) ----------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------- Download 2.0 WM 6.5 Touch Pro Kitchen at http://www.megaupload.com/?d=LLT11NNF Download 1.07 WM 6.5 Touch Pro Kitchen at...
  13. V

    PhantomROM WM6.5 RC Build 21501 UC+24PP

    PhantomROM WM6.5 Build 21500 Built with SSK kitchen Okay UC, 24MB pagepool, Black keyboard,CommManger Fixed and added some Win6.5 themes.. I want to give out a BIG THANKS to malibutechsupportfor allowing me to use his host to upload these ROMS ....Thank you so much man!!! PLEASE...
  14. V

    Ebay Account hacked

    So today I go to log into my ebay account and my password wasn't working. So I changed it to see a couple of new messages and notifications in my account. 1st I see that ebay has removed 3 listings from my account that I was apparently selling.....but I wasn't. Then I see that someone tried...
  15. V

    Storage card problems

    Hey guys I just recently bought a 16gb sd card and swapped it out for my 8gb. I have a lot of music on there but now there is a few problems. 1. The music tab takes for ever to change songs and it loads really slow (I tried the tune up sd card here and it actually made it slower) 2. After...
  16. V

    A little help

    Hey guys, My girlfriend has the Dash for T mobile. It has been really buggy for awhile and so today I called tech support for her and got them to swap it out for her. Anyway she doesn't want that phone and wants to sell it on ebay and get another phone. She found this phone on ebay and wants...
  17. V


    Track Listing: 01. Right Now (Na Na Na) 02. Beautiful Ft. Colby ODonis And Kardinal Offishall 03. Keep You Much Longer 04. Troublemaker Ft. Sweet Rush 05. We Dont Care 06. Im So Paid Ft. Lil Wayne And Young Jeezy 07. Holla Holla Ft. T-Pain 08. Against The Grain Ft. Ray Lavender 09. Be...
  18. V

    Chris Brown Exclusive

    Track Listing: 1. Throwed (produced by Bryan Michael Cox) 2. Kiss Kiss (produced by and featuring T-Pain) 3. Take You Down (produced by The Underdogs) 4. With You (produced by Stargate) 5. Picture Perfect (produced by and featuring Will.I.Am) 6. Hold Up (featuring Big Boi) 7. You 8. Damage...
  19. V

    Ne-Yo Year Of The_Gentleman (JP Deluxe_Edition)-2008-VAG

    Track Listing: 1. Closer 2. Nobody 3. Single 4. Mad 5. Miss Independent 6. Why Does She Stay 7. Fade Into The Background 8. So You Can Cry 9. Part Of This List 10. Back To What You Know 11. Lie To Me 12. Stop This World 13. What's The Matter 14. She Got Her Own 15. In The Way 16. Closer remix...
  20. V

    Musiq Soulchild-OnMyRadio-2008-C4

    Tracklisting 01. Backagain 04:06 02. Until 03:31 03. Ifuleave (Feat. Mary J. Blige) 04:12 04. Deserveumore 03:53 05. Special 03:18 06. Dearjohn 04:31 07. Loveofmylife 05:13 08. Moneyright 04:38 09. Someone 04:36 10. Iwannabe (Feat. Damian Marley) 04:21 11. Sobeautiful 04:51 12. Radio 03:20...