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    Is there a barcode scanner program for the TP like on the adroid

    i heard that there was a program for window mobile devices that works justlike the barcode scanner on the G! android. i searched for it on this site but could not find it maybe because i dont know what its called. i searched barcode got nothing.
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    Diamond theme

    i had a diamond theme hich just had black bars and diamond wallpaper i hard reset the device and now i cant find it anywhere it was diamond.tsk or manilla.tsk not throttle launcher it was just the backround with black bars
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    hey can someone help me unlock my wing

    hey i can provide any info you need lease help me unlock this i need to giv it to my cuzin who is going to india. please
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    camera does not work take 3

    im flashed to kaos take 3 rom and now my camera does not work the button on the side says no shortcut there is no icon and wen i open it another way it still doesnt work help please i already hard reset again reflashed and took battery out
  5. N

    Cans We Get This Rom On The Site

  6. N

    how to get the diamond home screen

    i want to get the new diamond homescreen i want to no wats the best homescreen also please help
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    What is best aim client for Mogul

    im loking for a fast client for aim that doesnt take up lots of memory when it is open.
  8. N

    What is the best browser to use

    i have been using pieplu for like ever is there anything better wat is everyone using
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    will we be able to get Mapquest navigation for free? there is a free trial

    there is a mapquest free trial for naviagtion. but can we get it free forever like can we mod/hack it?
  10. N

    Memory problem with kaos rom

    im having a memory issue here. after a soft reset im usually at something around 20-21mb, but as the day goes on i see that the memory keeps decreasing. like right now i havent soft reset the pone in like 30 hours and my memory is down to 7mb with no programs running
  11. N

    hhc ON kAOS ROM

    THE HHC ON KAOS ROM IS INSTALLED BUT WHEN U CHANGE THE BACKROUND CLOCK OR ICONS NOTHING CHANGES ON UR HOMESCREEN. IT STAYS LIKE THE DEFAULT ONE can i get some help i soft reset it already like 3 times still doesnt chnage everyhting else is good and running
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    can you change color of blinking green light

    i heard that people are changing the color of that annoying green blinking light. can someone help me how to do this i think its nueled but i dont no how to use it
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    what site do you use to check mogul speeds POST YOUR SPEEDS

    what sites do you members use to check the speed that your mogul gives you does not work from the mogul
  14. N

    how to sync more then 1 phone with active synce

    i have a 2 moguls and 2 samsungs aces how do i sync them with activesync without contacts getting switched. how do you setup a different activesync thing for each phone
  15. N

    what do you use? dash and kaos reply needed

    you people use ifonz interface or ultimate launch which one would you recommend dash kaos would like your reposnses
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    send ringtones via bluetooth on mogul

    how do u send a file/ringtone from your mogul via bluetooth. i only see a beam option
  17. N

    Sprint Samsung Ace

    he can we add the Sprint Ace up here. Id like to get a aim client for this phone
  18. N

    can i get a gba emulator please with some roms

    i looked and gogoled but couldnt really find any rom or emulator for my mogul. i would like gba with like pokemon game
  19. N

    any things to mod on Razr2 v9m?

    is there anything u can do to mod a razr2 v9m like with programs or idk make a razr2 hooked up
  20. N

    my gps does not work

    i dont know why but i tried using sprint navigation today and it said i have a very weak bad connection i was like huh i tired in another place same thing i tried in 3 different cities idk even in google maps it doens find my location is there a way to find out if my gps is on ?