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    myPlayer v1025

    myPlayer v1.025 • Summary: A stand-alone, light-weight application that accesses the BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, Hulu and Five On Demand services directly - eliminating the requirement for a mobile browser. • Found under: multimedia, utilities, players, iplayer, bbc, itv, tv •...
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    » TouchSnake • Summary: Ordinary snake? Never more. • Found under: game, arcade, fun • Requirements: Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1 • Arrived: Today ! No support from author Developer: Floft Games Support Email: Web Site...
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    car brakes

    Just a question to kind of give me a rough idea. I have a 07 chevy monte carlo and lately when i back up its like a grind rattle from the back, then when i brake it sounds the same. It doesnt do it all the time braking. The car still stops great. Was wondering price range what I may be...
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    new technology rom

    has anyone seen the new rom technology put out at ppc geeks..i like the interface for the tfl3d 2 but i am kind of split if i want to flash to this..anyone got any advice... heres thread:
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    hello spj family I thought i would share my holiday ghost story. I had to work today at my vet clinic taking care of the animals. Well I had finished with the 2 animals upstairs I was getting ready to head to the basement to take care of some puppies. People in the clinic have experienced...
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    goodness, now the detroit city council is at it again. the feds just keep weeding out the corruption. First kwame (he just changed cities thats all) its embarrasing to keep seeing that on the news and city employess getting indicted in federal court.
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    titanium weather

    is anyone else expierencing problems with their titanium weather just displaying an ex instead of icons and not having the temps..i was reading a thread at xda for the titanium weather and there were people having similar problems but no fix......
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    well dash looks like its coming back to detroit for game 7..dam they were so close on some of them plays...
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    Monitor cable

    I have spent the last several hours searching the internet for this type of cable for my comp. monitor: AWM E89980-A SUNF PU STYLE 20276 80 degrees c 30v VW-1 DVI ANALOG CABLE. It took a while for me to take the monitor apart to get the cable out. My evil spawn induced cat completely chewed...
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    back home

    I am so glad to be back home, was in hospital for 5 days with severe cat bite from work, didnt need surgery thank goodness, i told dash during a text i was getting spj withdrawal...i couldnt get looged onto spj on my phone in my room so i am so happy to be out. One of the first things i did was...
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    has anyone seen this disgusting video with these nasty workers..unbelievable..the news says dominos is suffering too......
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    new pro

    I am excited I finally got my pro and got my pc back, had to get repaired for a virus, i was running kaspersky but it slipped in. I cant wait to try all these cool themes prob and other people have posted. thanks for all your talent........
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    valentines day

    Happy valentines day to all...especially my dash........
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    [ ISSUE SOLVED ] fubar vogue

    my vogue crapped out, all of a sudden tonight it just started rebooting and i have taken battery out, left off for 30 minutes and it is fubar. this is my only phone and i have been with sprint over a year. if i went into a sprint store tommorrow what do u think would happen. i have insurance...
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    ipod to pc transfer

    dash not sure if this is where i should ask this but i am trying to transfer photos from my ipod to pc and i have tried a few trial programs but is there any good program that u would recommend??? Thanks
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    cant view in forum

    hi i was just viewing threads and when i went to read another on it tells me i dont have permission,does anyone else have this problem??
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    rom flashing

    if anyone out there is afraid to flash a rom (i dont think anyone could have more afraid than me), its easy if u follow directions...i am excited that i was able to do this because my exhusband was always the comp its my turn, im learning a little at a good luck to anyone......
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    [SOLVED] official leaked rom for touch

    dash i am getting brave, i am about to flash to official leaked rom off ppc geeks, should i take out my memory card, and the memory card will still work when i put it back in if i take it out,,,cant seem to find an answer to that in the various threads i have read so i thought i would ask...
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    diamond task manager

    hi bro, i downloaded the task manager like the one in your vid with the diamond theme and have done some searching but cant figure out how to install it, if u have any advice it would be great,,by the way i luv your vid and touch.... duh, its a cab dont ask what i did..........
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    gps on new touch

    I was told by a sprint worker at a sprint store that the new touch's that r coming in have gps unlocked already on them, has anyone heard of this???