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    LG S-Class Interface Demoed on Windows Mobile GM730

    For those of you tip-toeing around rival Samsung's Omnia II and Omnia PRO and LG's GM 730, here's a look at LG's S-Class user interface.
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    Whitestone: Touch HD for CDMA

    Even though it states is due in the Fall for Verizon, just means Sprint will do the same if not sooner.....Hopefully
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    TaylorSPJs World

    Here my messy office....always something to do though.... oh and Im a network admin and computer systems tech.....
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    Touch HD Unconfirmed Confirmation

    I was on the phone with Sprint today, It was time for the wife to upgrade...and I was asking the person about new phones due to come out this year and I asked about the HD....she said she wasn't sure and asked her manager..the manager stated it is coming out this year in July...I asked if he was...
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    Scientists Invent 30 Year Continuous Power Laptop Battery

    Your next laptop could have a continuous power battery that lasts for 30 years without a single recharge thanks to work being funded by the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory. The breakthrough betavoltaic power cells are constructed from semiconductors and use radioisotopes as the energy source...
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    Sprint getting WiMax Touch HD We connect the dots

    Here's a possibly scenario for you to ponder: Sprint's Touch Diamond did not sell as well as the Touch Pro (3,000 units vs 15,000 per month) Sprint's Touch Diamond is EOL'd (gone by July) No Touch Diamond 2 is on Sprint's roadmap ROM file is leaked called...
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    DCD is back (PRO ROM)

    Ok so here is the deal, no info, no specs, only thing I do know is that it is 6.1 AND EVERYONE SAYS THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO KB LAG. DCD only the greatest rom builder has put forth a beta rom....I have links to rom as well as link to original thread on PPCGeeks where it was discovered. DCD has...
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    Copper eventually get corroded

    Seems like juicy and mighty are great pals....I know i've seem some tension between them two before but seems like its out in the open now.... check out threads #8736-8739....tell me what u think!!
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    EOL For Sprint Diamond

    Found a link stating Sprints EOL Devices and seen Diamond on the near bottom...A member from PPCG stated HTC shipped Sprint their last shipment and should be all out within 6 weeks or by the EOL date.....TP is also soon to be on the list as well....Hope that means TP2 and Diamond2 are in the...
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    Diamond and Cranberry Juice dont Mix

    My heart dropped when I seen it fall in......Had a mini heart attack....grabbed it as fast as I could, but it didnt make it.... :( fell of the arm of my chair and went right into a tall glass of juice...I had drank about 3/4 of it so the ass end was sticking out. i disassembled it in about 3...
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    [04/02/09] ATR 30 Manila/Rhodium TF3D (build 21028)

    BOTH ROMS ARE FOR SPRINT ONLY, THEY WILL NOT WORK WITH ANY OTHER CARRIERS! TF3D ROM V2 [+] New drivers throughout system [+] Opera mobile V15954 [+] Touch FLO 3_29946_52 [#] Fixed problem with data disconnecting with BT on [#] Fixed issue on SIP KB not switching...
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    WiFiMonster Wifi Discovery Tool

    Greeting. Found this nice app over at It's a wifi scanner app in the early stages of development. I gotta say though, it works great as it is now. Thought i'd share my find with you all, and hopefully you'll find it as useful as i...
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    Moderated Threads And Double Posting

    puertoblack2003 has implemented a new hack that makes us Mods or Admins Validate your new threads/releases so forth. When you finish sumitting a new thread you may see a box stating something like this "you have entered an invailed thread please contact the site administrator" This JUST MEANS we...
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    TaylorSPJS Custom HomeScreens

    Here are a bunch of wallpapers I resized to fit diamond/pro......I will zip them up so you guys can use them as well, these are just a few there are more in the zip file. They all are HD graphics and look amazing on the VGA screen......I also took a screenie of my new skined keypad....looooks...
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    Touch Pro/Diamond Video Playback

    Much of this information pertains to the Diamond as well, however for the moment I'm gearing this write up to the Touch Pro crowd. I've noticed a lot of threads discussing video performance on these devices, however very few actually go into detail and explain why certain things will get you...
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    [3/28/09] cleanRAM v1.0.9 (bug fixes and no longer requires .NET 3.5)

    Version 1.0.9 is out now!!! This is an awesome RAM reclaimer that I found on this site if you read Hebrew. Google translated page if you don't. Thanks go to Ronenpg. If you like his work, please consider a small donation to him to help keep this app going. The name of the app pretty much...
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    TF3D All Programs tab Updated [2/27]

    Here's a all programs tab for tf3d. I set the left soft key to take you back to home tab, since home tab default right soft key is "Programs". I can set right soft key as well, and will probably add Gecko to it. This replaces the current programs tab. Cabs below with white or black font...
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    NEW Wifi Tethering APP

    Hi! I've created (just another) wifi-tethering-application for our beloved rooted-android-phones. Yes, it's absolutely free and opensource. The project is hosted on google-codes: (Screenshot available) The latest version supports a very...
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    TvOut- Not just for Pro Anymore

    Good news. I found the magic registry hack. With the hack, all that is needed is the original -unmodified- multi-adapter that came with the Touch Pro/diamond and a cheap camcorder/ipod 3.5mm AV cable Go to \HKLM\Software\HTC\H2W\TVOutCableIn and change D_WORD from 0 to 1 Immediately after...
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    VGA Action Screen in Color

    I am pretty sure these will work on the Diamond but I am looking for a few testers to confirm and provide feedback. I will be building a few series and would like to know if they work for both the Touch Pro and Diamond. The action screen provides quick access to applications. The left...