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    good evening ladies and gentlemen... today (wed, july 8) is my birthday BUT its not a big deal... no need to wish it to me because ever since my son was born, almost 8yrs ago, i dont celebrate my birthday. AND TO CLARIFY i dont mean it in a bad way at all!! (forum parents prolly understand). he...
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    Why did i get a ppc

    yo what up everyone. i need to get something off my chest.... when i first got my touch pro from sprint i had NO IDEA of what it was capable of i just thought that s**t was tight. then i came across this wonderful site among others (which is a love/hate relationship). why you ask, because as...
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    Nothing Less Than GUESS

    1st off, i'm not knocking on the cats that dye their battery covers. I'm not gonna lie, dyeing the cover looks sick! But i took it a step further. IF any of you are familiar with the emcee NAS then you'll understand this line "When i dress, its never nothing less than GUESS"
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    Im New

    good evening ladies and gentlemen...