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    One quick question

    Thank you SPJ, Man Im so excited right now I just flashed my 1st rom, Im pumped!!! I have one question I need some clarification on! On the rom post flashing from Sd card instructions says to soft reset when flash is done, and I did and all is fine, but most everywhere else Ive read says I...
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    Great Diamond/Touch Pro Compilation

    Ok so this is my first attempt at giving back to SPJ since SPJ has given so much to me already, I hope to God Im posting this in the right place, I dont think I can take anymore abuse, lol! Anyways Im still very much a noob but I found this awesome compilation of Diamond/Touch Pro...
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    How can I find out what Rom Im Running

    Hey Guys, I have been everywhere trying to find an answer to my question in the title. I ordered my touch pro off e-bay flashed to work for cricket and Im curious to find out what Rom I'm running, Im assuming it has to be a custom ROM but I have no idea. To add to that question if I am running a...
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    Wsup everyone Yes Im new

    Just want to say wsup to everyone, I'm new to this site, and new to the pocket pc but I'm already falling in love with it. I have an Htc touch Pro flashed for cricket and have already become addicted to modding it with the different apps and themes etc.. good looks to Dash and the other...