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Re: mogul or touch?---dash and tigerz

“ Originally Posted by bondsingh View Post

hey guys,
ive read previous threads already and wanted your unbiased opinion since you guys were mogul users prior. besides the obvious physical differences, can you tell me why you picked the touch.

1.i know there's no wifi on touch but i read in tigerz post where he said "no wife. yet" so do you think its possible one day to achieve that?

2. mogul has 400mhz and touch has 200mhz processer. do you c a big difference w/this. as i run pretty much most of the apps you guys have on this site plus tom tom nav6 for my work almost everyday. will this program specifically run slower you think? i use that and sometimes myphone at the same time. and does the process cause any slowness/lag when watching movies, videos, etc versus the moguls processer speed for same thing. reason i ask is bc i saw this video on youtube where one guy showed this and he was using this battery program to speed up the process which i know can heat the phone up and probably damage it. im sure we have that in downloads.

3. keyboard...other factor to consider. i txt everyday...considered moderate and not heavy. i dont do documents or things like that. so what keyboard do you guys use and is it convenient or practical or fast to type on. i have the touch pal (dont use much)..and the pcm keyboard which i use is ok.

4. more rom is there

5. i hate the freeze ups w/the mogul...i havent decided to do the new rom update bc indecisive which phone to keep permanently. any freeze ups w/the touch as often as the mogul???

i think those are the main determining factors for me. if you have extra detailed input, that would be greatly appreciated as i have a couple more days to decide.

thanks alot for your speedy informative reply.

again...i have read other threads already.
1. its possible for wifi right now. you need to get a micro sd wifi card and put that in than you will have it. thje only way to do so though. when rev a rom comes out you will be happy with that i use it and its just as fast if not faster than wifi.

2. you are correct the mogul does have a 400mhz but you are incorrect on the touch. the gsm version has a 200 mhz processor but our vogue has the same 400 mhz as the mogul.

3. i use happy tapping keyboard and it suits my needs for lots of texting and emails quickly. along as surfing the web.

4. more rom is there? not sure what you mean but if you mean ram the touch has double of what the mogul has and runs very smoothly. if your meaning custom roms they are in the works right now as i type this.

5. i have never had my touch freeze once on me

Overall i give my touch a 9/10. the only reason a 9 and not a 10 is because of the lack of wifi. other than this i love the touch and would never think twice about going back to the 600 aka mogul. i wanted a slider phone for work so i didnt have to worry bout getting it beat up and all so i actually went to a 6700 since i didnt want to deal with the mogul again until they got the bugs worked out
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