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Can someone let me know where I can find downloads for my Sprint Touch??

Hi, I'm new to this site, and actually a new owner of a SPRINT HTC TOUCH 6900. I found this site on youtube from " IAMDASHT19"'s video. (Thank you Dash! (o; ) I'm just curious about if there are downloads available for my phone on a site for a fee per DL program, or some for free. I'm very interested in the SPB full keyboard I saw on Dash's touch. I really want that,, I even like the iPHONE skin,, thats funny! My Dad has the iPHONE. I love it,, but I'm stuck with Sprint! So I liked the Sprint HTC touch. I ACTUALLY haven't recieved it yet,, I just purchased it off EBAY. But I'd like to learn more about it! LOL! Specificly where to get the SPB full keyboard, downloads available, and also, 4GB is the highest SD card it takes correct?? Where can I purchase one,, and what is an average price?? Hope someone can help!! THANKS!!! (Once again, I'd like to thank Dash for reffering me to this site! YOUR PHONE IS HOTT!!!