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Re: Can someone let me know where I can find downloads for my Sprint Touch??

“ Originally Posted by DvotedMOMMY View Post

Hi, I'm new to this site, and actually a new owner of a SPRINT HTC TOUCH 6900. I found this site on youtube from " IAMDASHT19"'s video. (Thank you Dash! (o; ) I'm just curious about if there are downloads available for my phone on a site for a fee per DL program, or some for free. I'm very interested in the SPB full keyboard I saw on Dash's touch. I really want that,, I even like the iPHONE skin,, thats funny! My Dad has the iPHONE. I love it,, but I'm stuck with Sprint! So I liked the Sprint HTC touch. I ACTUALLY haven't recieved it yet,, I just purchased it off EBAY. But I'd like to learn more about it! LOL! Specificly where to get the SPB full keyboard, downloads available, and also, 4GB is the highest SD card it takes correct?? Where can I purchase one,, and what is an average price?? Hope someone can help!! THANKS!!! (Once again, I'd like to thank Dash for reffering me to this site! YOUR PHONE IS HOTT!!!
1. lol thats me lol the spb fullscreen keyboard was made by my buddy tigerz. do a local search on the site for whatever program you need and you will find it. also you can go to the side menu on the left and than go to downloads than windows mobile ppc downloads and you will find over 60 pages of applications that are free for your use even though they are supposed to be paid for but we got that covered for you here at SPJ.

2. it will take 8 gig you can find these at any store that carries electronics...... walmart has them best buy etc..... just look through the sunday ads and see who has the best deal out there since there is always a place that has a sale on them so to give you a price wouldnt be accurately done.

3. hope this helps you out some and any other questions on the touch instead of posting in the general smartphone section please post in the touch section and while there stop and look at all the other questions asked since some are common and you will learn about the phone further.