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Re: Louie's home screen

“ Originally Posted by D/\SH View Post

for example:

AL_Caponr from SPJ and soon to be member of TEAM HTC as staff has passed away from apparent heart attack. he leaves behind two beautiful children named HTC Vogue and HTC Mogul which are going to be donated to his mentor D/\SH. The local police department has concluded after intensive investigation that he had a heart attack because he thought that his hero/wind beneath his wings/ mentor/ and god like leader was going to leave . the seargent of the police department also passed away from a heart attack since he didnt read below that he was just kidding and panicked and had a heart attack. both AL_Capone and the seargent if the police department had CPR attempted on them to revive their heart beat without success. the funerals will both be held in Grand Rapids, Michigan by the deceased request since they want to be buried in D/\SH'S city. the public is welcome but D/\SH wont be present since he will be having a private session. (so hopefully the public one will have at least 1 person show) The showing will be held at 6:00pm on Friday March 7 2008. RIP

hahahaha dang he (you) went all out in detail on this lol. thats funny my phones are my kids and they are left to you my "mentor,hero, leader." idk man everything about that was funny made my story look "boring" lol.

but hopefully i will be an htc staff member before i suffer from the heart attack lol

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