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Re: Mogul Official REV A Rom News

“ Originally Posted by AL_CAPONE_X3 View Post

oh ok well what i meant lol was like what rom number like the one they have posted right now is. . . 2.17.651.0

and oh alright i didnt know that lol. ok for sure ill download it and upload it but i will not be the one to test it. i still have the very first one that came with my mogul back in august and have not yet to updated it.
damn why the hell you on that pos still lol...... but staying in topic before i have to get ready for work....... it will be something besides 2.17. it might be 3.16 but they might change the radio or summtin making it 3.17 or 3.21 just look for it to change from 2.17 and than you will know that they updated it.
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