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Re: mogul or touch?---dash and tigerz

I am kinda seeing a trend here... only owners of the vogue ask this question... Maybe its because they are questioning their purchase? Well the good news is that you truely can not go wrong with purchasing a product from htc! Now the gread parts about the touch are that it is smaller, more aestitically appeasing, and has 128 ram (mogul has 64 megs). The pros of the mogul are, better screen that can be seen from the side, and the screen is brighter, The mogul has wifi capabilities, a full keypad, it seems to be more sturdy, the screen is inlaid more, so that it is harder to scratch. (the touch is flat). All in all, htc made 2 phones for 2 completely different people, one is not better than the other in general, mainly because of pros and cons for both phones! (I have owned both phones and I prefer the mogul)
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