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Re: Touchpal or spb?

“ Originally Posted by killaatwill View Post

I did try a search! How come everytime someone asks a question on this site you guys have to be kind of rude about it? If you don't want to waste any extra time on stupid questions then don't waste the extra keystrokes to make people feel like their bothering you. I'm not trying to be rude myself but this forum isn't very friendly to people who aren't wearing a pocket protector! This site really isn't the easiest one to navigate and I am actually in college for network admin. so I'm not completely computer illiterate. And know I don't even know how to spell illiterate, did I guess write? Anyways thanks for the help I do appreciate it, I'm so fustrated with my touch's keyboard. I guess I just have big fingers because I don't ever hear anyone else complaining about the stupid onscrean KB.
1. we are not rude all i said was to be please search in the future because i did a search for fullscreen keyboard and it came right up as the second one on the list!! so i dont get how we are rude and if anything what you are saying above is ruder than me asking you to please search. how can i get any nicer than saying please
2. welll you better change careers than because this site isnt hard to navigate at all. on the main page we basically have fun and site info below the chat box. than you use the search to search and the side bar to get to the help desk and the mobile program and customization how hard is that?????? sounds pretty easy to me and many other users.
3. you dont have to get cocky and be rude to me with saying illiterate and spelling right trying to insult my intelligence.
4. and now oyu are going to try to be all nice to me after being so rude and expect me to be extremely nice to you afterwards? lets just say that i can play this back on you in ways that you wouldnt believe are happening without banning you. but im not going to do it and be RUDE back to you but in the future get your facs straight and dont be so damn sensative in the future about someone telling you to please search and than going crazy even though they left a link and told you to PLEASE search.

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