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Re: mogul or touch?---dash and tigerz

“ Originally Posted by n1co35 View Post

Right now im still thinking between the two.
i got the touch for couple of weeks now.
first i was having a hard time with texting
i tried a lot of other on screen keyboard and found pcm keyboard to be the best and with the iphone skin for it, its even better since the buttons are bigger.
you should check it out and see how you like it.
the spb keyboard didnt work too good for me when i tried it.
search in the forums for pcm keyboard. i can't post the link for it since this is my first post but it shouldn't be too hard finding it.
hope that helped.
I like the spb one a lot better then the onboard ones but I just downloaded the one your talking about so I'll try that also and see which one I like better. The one you use still has such small keys though. I just don't think any onscreen keyboard can compare to real keys. It's kust so much better to actually feel the keys so you know your on the one you want and it's not so easy to tap the keys around the one you want but thats just my opinion. If I were you and still had the opertunity to trade mine in I would do it in a heartbeat. But every one has there own opinion and likings I guess. Plus you get a flash on the camera of the mogul or 6800. The only thing I like is the size of the touch because I keep my phone in my pocket but the size is also the reason that it doesn't have a real keyboard! Oh well I'm stuck with mine now so I'll have to get used to it for the next 2 years till my contract is up!
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