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Re: This Is Bs Make The Admins Job Hell!!!!!

this type of situation is not new.Its been done before no matter what forum you join, thats why anytime rather you create a program or theme its nice to add a watermark on your that way leechers can say they created it.Unfortunately its going to happen but if we caught who it is off course we will take appropriate action because number one credit was not due, to where it came from.Thats why here at spj we always add the original author or creator of anything we bring here.

thanks for brining that to our attention.

Just to add thats why most forum makes it hard for members to get certain program you have to go through hard ways just to get stuff for example there's a hack that called the hide hack in order to view said program you would have to thank the post or reply or you have to get certain amount posting to view program I hope that i don't have to revert to any of those hack.....

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