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“ Originally Posted by TizOnly1 View Post

Well, considering this is my first post, I can't link to my page (it's private anyway... so it's nobody's loss), but I use dashwire.

It's kinda cool, I guess. It's great for back-up, but it seems like they're trying to make it a social networking site with the cell phone as the basis.

It's a novel idea, but I'm not a fan of facebook/myspace anyway, so that stuff doesn't really interest me, but I'm sure it would interest anybody that is into that stuff.

It's still not public, so there's not much on the social networking side yet, but there will be. I say sign up now, so you can say you're cooler than everyone that signs up two years from now.
I think it is cool because me... my mom... and my sister have it... we can share pics and videos... and it is great for backup for your contacts and all!!
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