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Re: Question about hard drives...

“ Originally Posted by dansoftcore View Post

So for awhile I have been using my laptop since my hd on my desktop went out...

my laptop is much faster and nicer than my desktop so i well probably keep it that way... my only problem is small hd space....(120gb)

So i have decided to get an external hd and I was wondering if anyone knows of any good 250-500gb externals that can connect directly to a router for networking
the only way that will work thru the router is, use your home pc as the base networking station then also make sure that the router is plug to that home pc. to give you wireless entry to that home pc.

And then connect the external hd via usb this is the tricky part if you dont know, once you have it connected go to in your computer start then computer there you will see another drive letter, right click and look for sharing and name it what ever you want. and then save it.

thru your laptop go to start my computer on the tool bar look for map network look for the name of the external hd that you named it too click on it and you'll have access via your laptop you can do what ever from there.

the instruction that i gave you is from the os of windows xp pro not to sure how vista is.....

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