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Re: Omg!!! You're The Man Dash!!!!!

“ Originally Posted by D/\SH View Post

im glad that you are happy with the phone. i was tryign to think chic lol. enjoy it gurl and if any questions give me a call. also on the side of the phone 2 buttons below the scroll wheel tap and hold for psshutxp (its pimp lol) and jsut tap and your flash for your camera turns into a flashlight.

lol fo sure a hobby that just took off.

ha yea i do know how to please the ladies but i also please all the customers aka members on the site because without them we here at spj would be nothing.

lol you 2 are acting like we are dating!!! i would love to date a curtious fun sounding chica like she is but the distance and all is too far unless one was to move lol..... and damn we barely know eachother besides the site.... but owell i like the compliments.
lol u dont need to explain none of that bro, we were just kidding wit ya lol....
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