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Please Read Getting Out Of Control!!!!!!!

im about to just say **** it and let my pm box get full. the staff here that i talk to can get a hold of me via text message instead of pm unless this bullshit stops. in the rules it clearly states that the staff wont reply to support,questions, or how to dind etc, through pm,email, or im. im getting this all the time and am getting fed up with it. im receiving almost 150 pmsw like this a day wasting my time and also making it so i cant get as much stuff posted to share since i dont have the time to look for it and do my thanng. on a daily occurence it takes me about 1 hour to go through the private messages that i receive and only around 2 out of the 150 private messages are valid and should be there and the rest were questions that could have been found with a search or were to belong in the help desk. so if this shit doesnt stop i will close down my pm box. your guyz choice and ill tell you what in this thread each time i receive a pm that isnt valid i will post the name in this thread and allow the other members to flame and yell at that member for being part of the helping of closing it down. when the name list hits 100 im gonna let the pm box fill up. so your choice and this starts right now.
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