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D/\SH'S UpComing Status At SPJ

well well well its that time in every persons life when they have to just let go and take some time to themselves and get away from the headaches. the time for me is now. starting today (friday) and into saturday i wont be on much after 7 or so in the evening. WHY you ask? BECAUSE D/\SH IS FINALLY TURNING 21 AND GONNA GET CRUNK AS HELL!!!!!!!! lol prolly had a couple of you shitting yourselves thinking i was leaving the site for good. but that will never happen!!!! just gonna be off quite a bit for today and saturday get drunk and celebrating on the party bus my boyz were nice enough to rent for 2 full days!!!! but than D/\SH will be back to his same old self afterwards!!!(besides being hung over lol) so if you dont see me that is why but are highly trained and qualified staff will make sure that all are taken care of and if it is summtin that they cant take care of or dont know the answer when i get back on i will gladly answer for you. well thats about it and will tlak to you all soon.

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