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Amazon Fire Toolbox V6.56

Amazon Fire Toolbox V6.56

Android is known for its customization and freedom, however, companies like Amazon try their best to lock your devices down and present a limited amount of functionality, and often bloat them with useless stuff. Have you ever wished you could remove Amazon from the picture completely, install the Google Play Store, sideload apps, reboot to recovery or download mode, remove all lockscreen ads, change the lockscreen wallpaper, replace Alexa with Google Assistant, and so much more all with the click of a button? Well, this tool is designed with these things in mind and aims to provide its users will full control over their devices.

This tool is essential for every Fire Tablet owner. With a clickable UI, and lightning-fast performance you can return the power into your hands. So, what are we waiting for? Let's get started!

  • Amazon Fire 10 (2019).
  • Amazon Fire 7 (2019).
  • Amazon Fire 8 (2018).
  • Amazon Fire 10 (2017).
  • Amazon Fire 8 (2017).
  • Amazon Fire 7 (2017).
  • Amazon Fire HD8 (2016).
  • Amazon Fire HD10 (2015)
  • Amazon Fire HD8 (2015).
  • Amazon Fire HD7 (2015).
  • Amazon Fire HD7 (2014).
  • Amazon Fire HD6 (2014).

Getting Started:

Getting the Toolbox up and running with your tablet is surprisingly a very easy procedure. The only thing required is for you to enable Developer Options and ADB on your tablet. So, without further ado, let's get started.

At this point, please read the section below (follow the correct guide that is made for your tablet) on how to set up the device so it works with the Toolbox.

FIRE HD 8 (2018)/FIRE HD 7, 10 (2019) Guide:

FIRE HD 8, 10 (2017-2014) Guide:

Standard Features:
  • Manage Everything Amazon - Disables/hides every app installed by Amazon from the tablet.
  • Remove Lockscreen Ads - Installs Automate, and Amazon Lockscreen Ads Blocker 4.5 automatically.
  • Install Google Services - Installs the Google Framework, and the Play Store.
  • Power Options - Allows you to force the tablet to power off, reboot, boot into Recovery, and boot into Download Mode.
  • Install YouTube Vanced - Installs the modified version of YouTube that includes Background playback, Adblocking, resolution force, etc.
  • Install Smart Youtube TV - Installs the Youtube client found on Smart TVs, and gaming consoles. It supports 4K video, doesn't require Google Services, ads are blocked, and it is designed with big screens in mind.
  • Built-in-Updater - An updater that checks for the latest versions of the Toolbox and installs them.
  • WallChanger - Change lockscreen wallpaper to a custom image.
  • ADB Shell - Starts a ADB shell.
  • Restore Everything Amazon - enables/unhides ALL Amazon apps back onto the tablet.
  • Temporary Root Shell: Thanks to @diplomatic's AMAZING and OUTSTANDING mtk-su script the Toolbox now supports spawning a temporary root shell!
  • Sideload Apps - Sideload any app streight onto your tablet.
  • Parental Control Hide - Hides all dialogs produced by Parental controls.
  • Install Google Assistant - Replaces Alexa with Google Assistant.
  • Driver Detector - Detects and installs Fire tablet drivers if needed.
  • Density Modifier - Changes the Pixel Density (DPI) to custom values.
  • Manual Restore/Remove - Allows the user to manually select apps to restore/remove.
  • System Backup/Restore - Creates system backups, and can even restore them!
  • Screen Recorder - Records the tablet's screen without using third party tools (sound or mic isn't recorded).
  • Screen Capture - Takes a screenshot of everything on the tablet's screen.
  • Custom Launcher - Allows the installation of custom launchers.
  • Enable Widget Support - Re-enables the use of widgets on supported launchers.
  • TBShell - Toolbox Shell that allows the use of modifications without changing settings from within the Toolbox itself.
  • Hybrid Apps - Allows the user to install Netflix and Disney+ without the use of the Amazon Store.
  • Modify System Settings - Change the status of the Navigation bar, and disable automatic system/app updates.
  • User Management - Adds and removes user profiles.
  • Push and Pull - Copy files to tablet, and copy files from tablet to PC.

Root Features (May not work as of yet):
  • Block OTA Updates - Blocks "Over the Air" updates and prevents the tablet from forcing an update.
  • Sideload as System - Sideload an apk as system app.

Features Coming Soon:
  • Modify System Settings - Modify strings located in the Android Settings Database.
  • Attempt root - Test various methods of rooting as they become available.
  • Amazon to Stock - Install apps that emulate stock Android.
  • Firmware Flasher - Flashes and installs new firmware for supported tablets.
  • SDCard Formatter - Formats SDCard as internal storage.
  • Nova Widget Support - Enables widget support for Nova Launcher.
  • MANY MORE...


VB Toolbox:
Version 6.56 - Installer (.exe) - Mirror 1 (.exe) - Mirror 2 (.zip) - VirusTotal Results

Version 6.55 - Installer (.exe) - Mirror 1 (.exe) - Mirror 2 (.zip) - VirusTotal Results

Version 6.54 - Installer (.exe)

Batch Toolbox (Limited Support):

Frequently Asked Questions:

» I don't see my tablet listed in the supported devices, how can I request support to be added?
For the requested tablet to be supported, we need a little more information from you in order to add support. Please download this .zip file, extract the folder within the zip to the desktop, and run the Identify.bat (make sure your tablet is plugged into the PC) file to get the code name of the device. Once the code name is found by the tool, press any key to copy it to the clipboard. Now reply to the forum with the code name, and the tablet's complete name. See the example below for reference:
Tablet: Amazon Fire HD8 (2018) Device's codename: karnak
» The Toolbox keeps crashing and I don't know why!
Before posting on the forum please make sure USB Debugging is enabled on your tablet and that your device shows up when typing adb devices. Please also check to make sure your PC's language is set to English, US. If your PC isn't set to English the Toolbox WILL NOT work and will continually crash. If you need help changing your language please refer to this guide.

» How can I run the Toolbox on Linux?
As of now the Toolbox will not run on Linux natively. However, the Toolbox is being completely re-written in Visual Basic and will hopefully be able to be ran on Linux in the near future. At the moment, the best way to run the Toolbox on Linux is to use Virtualbox and emulate Windows.

» Will this tool root my tablet?
Unfortunately, the Toolbox is not yet capable of rooting any of the supported devices. There are plans to include root methods for a few select tablets but will take some time before they are ready.

» Why is the Toolbox being marked as a virus?
If you come across a version of the Toolbox that is being marked as a virus please do NOT install it as it could contain a virus. Please see this post for further details.

» Where did the Changelog go?
Due to the changelog's length it has been given its own post entirely. You can find it here.

» I found a bug/issue in the Toolbox, how do I report it?
You may leave a post on this forum. Please include the error/issue and possible ways to replicate it. If you aren't sure what is happening and the Toolbox is crashing without an apparent reason please open a TBShell and disable Force Close (command is: /nfc). Then re-open the Toolbox and if the error persists copy down the error information and paste it as a post here on the forum. Make sure to also include what tablet you have and what tool the error is coming from and I will do my best to fix it

Current Development & Changelog
What I'm Up To: Informing users of VB Toolbox V6.56 release.

» VB Toolbox:
Version 6.56
  • ADB Shell: Executing a Standard Shell on older gens will now open a debugging shell instead.
  • Sideload Apps: When browsing for an APK the initial directory is now the bin folder.
  • Bugfix: Issue with Tooltip not appearing while hovering over device name has been fixed.
  • UI: The "No" button has been removed and the "<" button has been added to confirmation dialogs.
  • UI: the back button in the User Management tool has been fixed.
  • Automatic Updates Service has been added.
  • Push and Pull: You can now copy files and retrieve files directly from the tablet.
  • Always on Top: All tools now honor this setting.
  • Changelog: When viewing the changelog the Toolbox is hidden until its closed.

Version 6.55
  • Device Detection has been improved.
  • Incorrect labeling of Maverik devices has been fixed.
  • New method of storing settings has been added.
  • NewPipe was updated to the latest version.
  • Fixed some minor bugs with Manage Everything Amazon.
  • Fixed device not being detected when switching to the second page of the Toolbox.
  • Added tool tips to next page, and setting icons to help identify what the buttons do.
  • Added Device Information Tool.
  • Automate has been updated to the latest version.
  • Changelog has been added directly into the Toolbox.

Version 6.5
  • Initial Release.

» Batch Toolbox:

information and development can be found here >>

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