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Apple’s annual iPhone event is right around the corner, meaning all eyes are set on the Cupertino tech giant to see what kind of iPhones it has in store this year. The company is all set to introduce the latest iPhones alongside the Apple Watch Series 9 and even an Apple Watch Ultra 2.

While we’ll be getting more Pro models this year, I’m actually more interested in the regular iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus models. Yes, the Pro variants — as usual — are getting more changes and improvements this year, but the more affordable options are more appealing.

1 The addition of the Dynamic Island

The regular iPhone 15 models might not get a titanium frame or slimmer bezels, if the rumors are any indication, but they’re expected to ditch the notch in favor of the Dynamic Island. This pill-shaped cutout, which was introduced with the iPhone 14 Pro models last year, works with iOS software to change the shape and size to display alerts and notifications. And now, it’s set to make its debut on the regular and Plus models.

This was one of the biggest and the most popular improvements made on the Pro models last year, and the fact that we no longer have to buy the most expensive iPhone to ditch the notch is great news. It would’ve been nice to see high refresh-rate panels and the support for an always-on display on the regular iPhone 15s, but I’m finally ready to ditch the notch, and I bet a lot of other people are, too.

2 The same USB-C treatment


You may have heard rumors about Apple finally adopting the USB-C port for charging on the upcoming iPhone, but did you know that applies to the regular and Plus iPhone 15 variants? The Lightning connector has been around for years and is starting to show its age, so this is going to be a nice change as Apple finally catches up with the rest of the industry.

Being able to charge the MacBook and an iPhone using the same cable shouldn’t have taken this long, but I am glad it’s finally happening, even if EU regulations were what pushed the company to adopt it. EU’s law requiring USB-C charging for all new portable electronics will only come into effect in the fall of 2024, so I’m also glad that Apple isn’t planning to limit this universal port to the more expensive iPhone to start, as it does with a lot of new features.

3 The mute switch is here to stay


Apple is reportedly planning to replace the physical mute switch on current iPhones with an Action button similar to the one on the Apple Watch Ultra. This button is set to give users instant access to a variety of quick actions, allowing them to access things like the Accessibility menu, Shortcuts, the flashlight, voice memos, and more, without having to unlock their phone. I’m not against the idea of having a universal button on the iPhone that lets me access some of my most used functions, but I’m not happy about it replacing the iconic tiny toggle, which I also want more Android phones to adopt.

The mute switch is arguably the best way to silence the iPhone. You just simply flip the switch to mute or unmute your iPhone. You can even tell when your iPhone is muted, thanks to the orange accent. Unfortunately, the Action button won’t be the same. Even if it allows you to mute or unmute your iPhone with a press, you’ll still have to wake your iPhone to check whether it’s actually muted or not. Many of us at XDA aren’t looking forward to this change, so I’m glad the regular iPhones are set to keep the mute switch.

4 Battery improvements

iPhone 14 display outside

You’ve likely heard conflicting reports about battery life improvements, but some rumors point to the iPhone 15 series getting larger batteries. Apple was tipped to use a stacked battery design that would allow it to use larger-capacity cells, which is always a good thing.

It remains to be seen how big the batteries will be, how much they’ll benefit the users, or even if the rumors are true, but any improvement will be a piece of welcome news for the iPhone 15 models, especially the smaller ones. I won’t put my money on charging improvements despite the switch to USB-C because rumor has it that only the Pro models are expected to see an increase to either 27W or 33W.

The regular iPhone 15s might be the stars this year

Truth be told, we’re stretched thin for improvements this year, specifically for the non-Pro models. Incremental updates have become the norm for Apple, especially when it comes to its more affordable devices, and the company expects users to pay the most for the more innovative features. There’s a lot I wish Apple would include, like display improvements or new camera sensors, but it looks like Apple is, once again, reserving those for the Pro models.

But if the regular and Plus iPhone 15s get the USB-C port and the Dynamic Island, there will actually be enough to justify their existence, and that’s exciting.

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By puertoblack2003