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Google Cloud Platform (GCP) stands among the leading platforms, facing stiff competition from Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Google App Engine, an initial offering, comprises servers, virtual machines, data analysis services, load balancers, and various other tools. This comprehensive toolkit empowers businesses with the help of GCP and GitLab partner to swiftly deploy, run, and monitor their products without needing in-house data servers. Here, we highlight key advantages of utilizing the Google Cloud Platform for app development.

Main Advantages of Using Google Cloud Platform for Your Business

Better Pricing Compared to Other Platforms

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) offers a cost-effective pricing model with its pay-as-you-use service, allowing users to pay based on the time and resources they utilize. This eliminates concerns about managing on-premise hardware and provides the flexibility to scale resources according to demand. Additionally, GCP stands out as a more affordable option compared to its major competitors, AWS and Microsoft Azure. Compute Engine, for instance, is generally 40% to 50% cheaper on GCP compared to AWS and Azure. This substantial cost difference makes GCP attractive for organizations looking to optimize their cloud expenditure. Moreover, GCP offers discounts based on extensive usage, further reducing business costs as they scale their operations. By leveraging GCP’s competitive pricing, organizations can efficiently allocate their resources, streamline their budget, and benefit from a cost-friendly cloud platform that meets their needs.

Unique Live Virtual Machine (VM) Migration

Live Virtual Machine (VM) migration provides significant advantages to administrators and engineers by enabling seamless system operation during infrastructure upgrades and maintenance, while ensuring the continued protection and optimal performance of VMs and software in the event of hardware or software failures.

One noteworthy aspect is that this functionality is unique to Google Cloud Platform (GCP). While competitors like Azure, AWS, and other smaller cloud providers offer VMs, they do not provide the capability for live migration of these VMs. This sets GCP apart in terms of offering uninterrupted service continuity and enhanced resilience, as live migration enables the seamless transfer of VMs from one host to another without any noticeable downtime or interruption in operations.

By having live migration as an exclusive feature, GCP ensures that organizations can seamlessly manage their VMs and maintain high availability of their applications and services, even during critical system updates or unforeseen issues. This capability enhances the overall reliability and performance of the infrastructure, making GCP a highly attractive choice for businesses seeking robust cloud solutions.

Powerful and Reliable Backup and Disaster Recovery (DR) Service

Even in disaster scenarios, GCP guarantees the utmost data protection by implementing redundant storage across multiple locations and utilizing four distinct storage types. This ensures that your data is securely stored in different places, providing numerous backups in case of unforeseen events.

With the multi-regional storage feature, GCP goes a step further by storing your data in at least two separate regions. This strategy safeguards your data from any potential internal or external influences, bolstering its overall security.

Suppose the exceptional data protection provided by GCP has yet to convince you to choose it as your cloud provider. In that case, there are still additional advantages to explore and consider.
Among the numerous options available, Google Drive and iCloud have emerged as two prominent cloud storage platforms. However, determining the best choice on google drive vs icloud for your specific needs requires careful consideration.

Security That is Used by Google Itself

With over 15 years of expertise in cutting-edge security, Google possesses extensive knowledge in safeguarding data. They have a team of top-tier security professionals dedicated to ensuring the security of their services, which they have successfully provided to the public for many years. This level of security is evident in their widely used services such as Gmail, YouTube, and their search engine, which they extend to your organization.

Google employs robust encryption measures, utilizing 256-bit AES encryption to protect their data. They go even further by encrypting every encryption key with regularly rotated master keys, enhancing the overall security of the system. Additionally, Google’s strong partnerships with major internet service providers (ISPs) worldwide contribute to improved security, as it helps prevent exposure to potential risks from the public internet.

By leveraging Google’s extensive security knowledge, advanced encryption practices, and strategic collaborations, your organization can benefit from a heightened level of data protection and security measures.

Productivity that Goes Far and Beyond

GCP’s efficient and frequent system updates provide a conducive environment for innovation, enabling organizations to achieve it more seamlessly. This results in an overall increase in productivity and the ability to implement changes promptly and adaptively.

Moreover, the flexibility offered by GCP allows employees to work and collaborate from any location worldwide. This freedom enhances morale by providing a better work-life balance and reducing geographical constraints. The ability to work remotely fosters a sense of empowerment and engagement among employees, leading to improved overall output.

By leveraging GCP’s dynamic system updates and remote collaboration capabilities, organizations can foster a culture of innovation, boost productivity, and create a more satisfied and productive workforce.

Customer-Centric Approach on Every Dtep of a Journey with a Solution

Google prioritizes delivering a pleasant and seamless user experience to all its customers, and this commitment extends to GCP.

One notable aspect of GCP is their approach to implementing changes and improvements. They carefully ensure that these adjustments are user-friendly and do not cause disruptions or confusion. By making manageable tweaks, GCP aims to provide a smooth transition and minimize any inconvenience for their users.

In addition, GCP offers enhanced reliability in the face of failures or disasters. They facilitate uninterrupted continuity by allowing immediate backups to a secondary center. This proactive measure safeguards data and services, providing customers with peace of mind and mitigating potential disruptions.

By prioritizing a user-centered approach and implementing robust backup strategies, GCP strives to create a seamless and reliable experience for its customers, bolstering trust and satisfaction in their cloud services.


Google Cloud has revolutionized the web and mobile application development world, providing businesses of all sizes with access to cutting-edge Google technology. It has simplified the application development process and made it more accessible. However, it’s worth noting that its reliance on internet connectivity may pose future challenges.

By adopting the Google Cloud platform, businesses can benefit from unique services like Live migration, which are unavailable on competing platforms like Azure or AWS. Additionally, Google Cloud grants access to a dedicated team of security professionals who ensure the protection of your data. This expertise adds an extra layer of security to your business operations.

Migration to Google Cloud offers significant advantages, including improved flexibility and scalability to align IT resources with demand. This empowers companies to optimize their operations, adapt to changing needs, and achieve cost-effective scalability.

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