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Enjoy the convenience and diversity of USB-C on the go

Despite the rise of excellent cloud storage services, you can’t beat a physical drive. These compact devices, especially those with USB-C interfaces, are preferred by many thanks to seamless, fast data transfer (a feature heightened by the best USB cables) and the safety tangible storage can provide. The top USB-C flash drives on this list cater to diverse needs and budgets, reflecting the desire for portable storage solutions.

  • samsung muf flash drive on transparent background

    Source: Samsung

    Samsung MUF-128DA

    Editor’s choice

    $25 $40 Save

    The Samsung MUF-128DA/APC shines with its sleek metallic design and offers protection against water, shock, magnet, temperature, and X-ray exposure. But the device’s hearty design isn’t its only benefit. The drive leverages USB 3.1 technology, offering swift data transfer speeds of up to 400MB/s. It’s available in storage capacities ranging from 64GB to 256GB, so it’s a good choice for most users.

  • Kingston Ironkey Keypad 200 on transparent background

    Source: Kingston

    Kingston Ironkey Keypad 200

    Premium pick

    $199 $210 Save

    The Kingston IronKey Keypad 200 is a premium choice for safeguarding sensitive data, with its physical keypad and robust XTS-AES 256-bit hardware encryption. It’s available in several capacities, from 8GB-128GB, to accommodate needs ranging from modest personal use to demanding professional applications. The USB 3.2 Gen 1 interface facilitates max read speeds of 145 MB/s and write speeds of 115 MB/s.

  • SanDisk Ultra USB Type-C on a transparent background

    Source: SanDisk

    SanDisk Ultra USB Type-C

    Best value

    The SanDisk Ultra USB Type-C shines, offering a broad storage capacity spectrum from 64GB to 256GB that’ll meet diverse user needs. Its USB 3.1 Gen 1 interface offers brisk data transfers up to 150MB/s, streamlining daily file exchanges. It’s also complemented by the SanDisk Memory Zone app for effortless file management, facilitating seamless one-click backups from your mobile device.

  • PNY Duo Link on a transparent background

    Source: PNY

    PNY Duo Link USB 3.2 Type-C Flash Drive

    Best rugged

    $17 $20 Save

    The PNY Duo Link caters to the adventurous with its rugged metal design. It also offers various storage capacities, ranging from 64GB to 256GB, and can handle a lot of different file types. Utilizing the USB 3.2 Gen 1 technology, it provides fast data transfers up to 200MB/s. The inclusion of dual USB Type-C and Type-A connectors enhances compatibility across devices.

  • Lexar JumpDrive Fingerprint F35 flash drive on transparent background

    Source: Lexar

    Lexar JumpDrive Fingerprint F35

    Best for security

    $45 $60 Save

    Taking a modern twist on security, the Lexar JumpDrive Fingerprint F35 employs biometric technology to ensure that only authorized fingers gain access to the data. It’s a blend of modern security features in a compact design. The JumpDrive offers a range of storage capacities (32GB to 256GB), catering to many users’ storage needs. The drive supports read speeds up to 150MB/s to 300MB/s, depending on the storage capacity.

  • SanDisk iXpand Luxe flash drive on transparent background

    Source: SanDisk

    SanDisk iXpand Luxe

    Most versatile

    The SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive Luxe, with its dual connectors, simplifies file transfers across multiple devices. It frees space and automatically backs up photos on your iPhone. The drive’s sleek swivel design with a keyring hole and password protection via the iXpand Drive app ensures it’s ready-to-go and secure. It’s available in three storage capacities (64, 128, and 256GB) and has an average write speed of 135MB/s and read speed of around 185MB/s.

  • Lexar JumpDrive D400 flash drive on a transparent background

    Source: Lexar

    Lexar JumpDrive D400

    Best budget

    The Lexar JumpDrive D400 is an affordable, straightforward storage solution with a transfer speed of up to 130 MB/s, thanks to its USB 3.1 Gen 1 interface with USB-A and USB-C connectors. Its budget-friendly nature doesn’t hinder its speed significantly. The metal casing and swivel design enhance its durability, making it ideal for those seeking a simple, reliable flash drive without any unnecessary features.

  • Kingston DataTraveler Max 1TB Flash Drive on a transparent background

    Source: Kingston

    Kingston DataTraveler Max USB-C Flash Drive

    Best performance

    $49 $53 Save

    The Kingston DataTraveler Max offers stellar speeds up to 1,000 MB/s read and 900MB/s write, ideal for quick large file transfers. With capacities ranging from 256GB to 1TB, it provides ample storage for your digital library. The blistering performance makes it a top pick for professionals and enthusiasts.

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