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While the introduction of the Bing AI chatbot in Microsoft’s Edge browser has redefined the way users search for information on the web, Chrome users have long been lacking such a feature. However, the extension HARPA AI could be a solution to the problem, as it not only combines web automation by using both ChatGPT and Claude but also helps users manage spreadsheets, generate YouTube video summaries and more.

Based in Helsinki, the company began before the advent of generative AI chatbots as an online price monitoring and form-filling tool. However, with the integration of Claude and ChatGPT, the Chrome extension has evolved into a personal AI that automates tasks, garnering a user base exceeding 150,000.

Benefits of using HARPA AI

Although similar in essence to Bing’s AI chatbot in ways such as AI-driven web searches, page-aware conversations, text composition, and web page summarization, HARPA AI distinguishes itself through its diverse automation and customization tools. These include personalized ChatGPT prompts, page-aware prompts for specific purposes like marketing and SEO, and content writing abilities, spanning from professional emails to SWOT analyses and articles.

Additionally, the extension can also provide YouTube video summaries, which users can configure based on their needs. Moreover, similar to Microsoft’s integration of Bing AI chatbot in Office apps, the HARPA AI extension integrates with both Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets to get instant help with formulas and allows users to create custom macros. Lastly, taking advantage of ChatGPT’s abilities, the extension allows users to draft Facebook posts, reply to direct messages, and enhance their CVs.

While some may argue that other extensions also offer similar functionality, HARPA sets itself apart by offering a clean and user-friendly experience. “HARPA’s product philosophy is centred around creating a tool the team would want to use themselves. This approach, combined with unique automation functionality, sets HARPA apart in the current market, reinforcing its commitment to quality and user satisfaction,” said HARPA AI project manager Aleksei Sharuk, in an interview with Android Headlines.

The difference between using ChatGPT and Claude

Although both AI chatbots offer similar features, Anthropic’s Claude stands out by integrating Constitutional AI, a measure to prevent exposure to harmful content. Additionally, the recently unveiled Claude 2, which is also available in HARPA, enables more extensive and detailed responses than ChatGPT, along with improved skills in mathematics, coding, and reasoning. Moreover, Claude 2’s capacity to analyze 75,000 words at once renders it an exceptional companion for comprehending lengthy PDFs and research papers.

However, it is important to note that Claude 2 is only available in the U.S. and the U.K. Therefore, users who want to switch to using Claude 2 in HARPA will need to use a VPN to access it.

“HARPA is continuously working on innovation, focusing on new features such as AI personas, where the AI assistant will have memory and personality traits. This initiative will enhance user interaction, making it more personalized and engaging. Additionally, HARPA is diligently improving automation processes in custom prompts, a move that promises to elevate the user experience further,” said Aleksei.

Keeping Privacy in Mind

In an era where privacy concerns and data collection are paramount, HARPA asserts its adherence to strict GDPR regulations as an EU-based startup and states that user data is not transmitted to HARPA’s servers, guaranteeing safety and privacy. Additionally, the company also highlights its commitment to not collecting or disseminating personal data, housing all information on users’ devices.

However, HARPA did acknowledge a potential instance of information sharing with the introduction of paid subscriptions. In such cases, user information would be shared with payment systems like Fastspring or Stripe during account creation.

Google’s efforts to integrate Bard in Search

When asked about whether Google’s plan to integrate Bard into Search would majorly impact HARPA since users would prefer a first-party solution, Aleksei highlighted the company’s unique proposition of incorporating various types of AI chatbots and stated, “While Google might introduce its AI solutions, HARPA sees this as an opportunity rather than a threat. Rather than competing with new AI like Bard, HARPA can integrate them alongside existing solutions such as ChatGPT, Bard and Claude. This allows HARPA to maintain its unique position, leveraging the best of various AI technologies.”

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