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When shopping on Temu, it’s not unusual to find the item you’re looking for, whether it’s a new dress or cleaning supplies, at prices that are substantially below what you expected. A floral-print pocket dress currently on the platform’s top sellers lists costs just $9.89, while a popular handheld car vacuum is just $8.78.

It’s also not unusual to stumble across something you didn’t expect on the platform. Some other pieces on the top sellers list include a dog cooling mat for $2.07 and an automatic portable washing machine for $38.99.

This range of low-priced items is the core of the company’s strategy. It offers a plethora of goods at unexpectedly meager prices, with the goal of empowering customers to “shop like a billionaire” online. This phrase, which was prominently featured in a February Super Bowl ad, is meant to evoke the feeling of shopping for both essentials and fun discoveries without worrying about price. It’s a strategy that’s been connecting with American shoppers, who have become accustomed to the convenience of online shopping and are always on the lookout for bargain deals.

Some have wondered how the company is able to provide such low-priced wares without sacrificing quality. But the reviews speak for themselves, with thousands of shoppers reporting that they received the products they ordered as pictured and in good shape.

Company spokespeople have emphasized Temu’s unique manufacturing model, which involves collaborating with an established network of sellers and brands, providing its partners with insights into retail trends and product design to cut costs. The company has also implemented substantial quality control, customer satisfaction, and data security policies. Read on to learn about Temu’s safety policies.

Is Temu Safe?

Yes, Temu is safe, and it’s a legitimate company. It has a track record of millions of successful orders and is built on a foundation of manufacturing partnerships established by its NASDAQ-listed multinational parent company. The app has been on the top of both the Apple App Store and Google Play’s Android App Store, and Google recently named it an Editor’s Choice. In addition, the Temu Purchase Protection plan offers free returns on any unsatisfactory purchase for up to 90 days.

According to the company’s website, “Return shipping is free on your first return for every order within 90 days from the date of purchase. If you have already returned items from an order and would like to return additional items from that same order, you can still do it as long as the 90-day window has not expired.”

An overview of customer reviews of Temu purchases paints a picture of general customer satisfaction. On both the Apple App Store and Google Play, its app has a rating of 4.6/5 stars. Reviews indicate that shoppers appreciate the free shipping on orders and the wide range of low-price articles, which are often packaged together for sustainable shipping. Some shoppers post videos of opening these “Temu hauls” on social media.

Reviewers also often mention the company’s bonus and gift structure, which can include a $100 sign-up bonus and several other opportunities to earn surprise rewards through pop-up games and friend referrals.

“Temu is very entertaining. I drop in for a quick visit and end up staying. Like most bargain shopping sites, you have to pick carefully on items you are seriously wanting to use and go hog wild on the cheap fun stuff,” said one reviewer on Apple’s app store. “Because most items are relatively inexpensive, it’s a great place for trying out stuff to see if it really works … I have many things from Temu that I am happy with, many on a regular basis. Just remember the choice is yours. Today I am wearing a Temu dress, headband, bracelet, and sterling ring, all purchased at low prices. About $20 for it all, not bad.”

How Does Temu Work?

For those who are curious about how Temu can keep its prices within reach, the company has spoken out about its Next-Generation Manufacturing (NGM) model. The key insight of the model is that working with partner manufacturers at the product design and development stages can help trim unnecessary expenditures.

These savings are passed on to the consumer, and because items are priced lower and are more effectively directed to consumer demand, sales increase. The NGM model creates a cycle that’s meant to be mutually beneficial for shoppers, sellers, and Temu. Shoppers get competitive prices, sellers generate more sales, and the platform’s business grows from facilitating this connection.

This collaborative approach is the origin of Temu’s name. Pronounced TEE’-moo, it’s derived from the phrase “Team Up, Price Down.”

In terms of how both the site and app work, the layout has both similarities to, and differences from, other e-commerce platforms. Like platforms such as Amazon, it features extensive product descriptions, images, customer reviews, and star ratings. It also lists the price, the percentage markdown from the original price, and the number of units sold.

Through its frequent “lightning sales,” the platform highlights items that are particularly low-priced for a limited time and for which the supply is limited. Lightning sale merchandise often approach wholesale prices, with markdowns of 80% or more. While the products featured in lightning sales change on a routine basis, sales of some kind are constantly running. Each sale features a timer alerting users how long the sale will run.

Prospects for Long-Term Success

Many analysts have compared Temu to an online dollar store. The comparison is apt in some ways, particularly in terms of pricing structure, but the company’s sheer range and volume of items distinguish it from the traditional dollar store model.

A platform that offers the low prices of a dollar store and a seemingly never-ending array of products is an appealing model for customers who have become more and more attuned to bargain hunting online.

The company is still in its early stages, but it’s expanding quickly and the consumer response could be an indicator that it’s hit on a market opportunity in the e-commerce space.

In a recent Business Insider feature, analyst Michael Felice at consulting firm Kearney summed up the company’s early stages as an “elongated test.

“If Temu can prove sustainability in its business model, I believe this is the white space that remains in U.S. e-commerce,” he stated.

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