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In today’s highly connected world, services providers increasingly engage with clients on multiple digital platforms. In 2023, New York-based aptihealth began delivering virtual behavioral health services via the Android iOS operating system. Now, aptihealth supports both the Android and iOS platforms. This expanded service delivery capability offers multiple benefits to the company and its growing user base.

Improved Access for Patients and the aptihealth Therapy Team

The aptihealth Android mobile app enables the company’s care team to interact with patients using this operating system. Intake specialists, therapists and prescribers can easily retrieve patient information and communicate with patients at anytime; an essential element to onboarding and assisting patients who may need a time-sensitive intervention.

Higher Patient Engagement Levels

When a patient regularly participates in their treatment plan, they set the stage for improved outcomes. Over time, the patient and their therapist can develop an impactful therapeutic relationship.

The aptihealth Android and iOS mobile apps play a key role in facilitating these achievements. The apps are easy to use, thus helping to drive higher patient engagement levels.

App-based video conferencing and messaging take place between each patient and their therapist. Multimedia resources such as engaging videos, audio recordings, and targeted interactions support these therapeutic encounters.

Between therapy sessions, patients can quickly review educational materials, set goals, and track their progress. Appointment reminders and push notifications aid in these efforts.

Patient Privacy and Data Security

During any online interaction, consumers are rightly concerned about the protection of sensitive data such as personal identifiers, credit card data, and healthcare information. Fortunately, aptihealth has proactively invested in superior data protection software. aptihealth’s Android and iOS platforms use data encryption and extensive permissions management protocols. These protections enable seamless, secure data transmission.

Real-Time Data Acquisition

The aptihealth Android and iOS mobile apps are designed to enable real-time data collection. Therefore, providers will have more accurate, updated information regarding patients’ moods, behaviors, and treatment progress.

Skilled therapists can interpret this data to make timely treatment decisions and fine-tune interventions. Over time, this data can report on varied therapeutic regimens’ efficacy.

The Outlook for Sensor Integrations

Obtaining patient physiological data can enable therapists to design more effective interventions. Technological advancements will soon deliver mobile devices integrated with multiple sensors. Examples include heart rate monitors, gyroscopes, and accelerometers.

Each sensor collects a different type of patient physiological data. Examples include physical activities, physiological factors, and sleep patterns. Taken together, these objective measures can help therapists better understand their patients’ overall physical and behavioral health. This should enable more targeted (and effective) interventions.

Mobile Apps Drive Cost-Effective Operations

From a financial perspective, the aptihealth Android and iOS apps are more cost-effective than a desktop application. First, developers can typically design and implement a mobile app more quickly and with fewer resources. Mobile apps also have a wider potential user base.
Mobile apps also reduce administrative expenses by automating certain labor-intensive tasks. Examples include appointment setting, reminders, and billing functions.

Outlook for aptihealth’s Two Service Delivery Models

aptihealth believes mobile apps and desktop applications can both play key roles in service delivery. Regardless of a patient’s location, their mobile device’s Android or iOS app can serve as a full-service treatment platform. However, desktops have certain advantages. The computers’ larger screens and better cameras facilitate an optimal interactive experience. Looking ahead, aptihealth will continue using both service delivery models.

What is aptihealth?

aptihealth is an innovative, virtual-first behavioral health services provider. The company partners with health plans, physicians groups, heatlh systems and community-based organizations to enhance behavioral healthcare for all levels of acuity, with an emphasis on higher-acuity, more costly patients.

Each aptihealth patient benefits from a proprietary screening, powerful assessment, and a precise, personalized care program. aptihealth facilitates fast service delivery, with some new patients receiving care within 24 hours. Once a patient is onboarded, they engage in online therapist-patient interactions involving a collaborative search for solutions.

The aptihealth value-based advanced care program, and illuminating data insights, help drive improved outcomes and lower overall costs of care for higher-acuity patients.

Aptihealth is Helping Payers Meet Their Objectives

The well-coordinated aptihealth structure encompasses five primary components that together reflect payers’ priorities. Collectively, these pillars form the foundation for top-tier behavioral healthcare.

Timely Identification and Intervention

aptihealth and its Integrated Care Partners collaborate in the identification and engagement of all populations, including those who most urgently require care. Together, these dedicated professionals can access more than 250 primary care, specialty care, emergency department, distinct in-patient, and other points-of-care resources.

Expedited Patient Care Access

aptihealth offers same-day care services for patients with acute needs. Standard needs patients benefit from a Service Level Agreement (or SLA) that offers a first appointment with an aptihealth psychologist and/or a behavioral prescriber. This initial appointment will take place within five days.

Personalized Quality Care Delivery

aptihealth develops a thorough understanding of individual members’ needs. Each aptihealth therapist guides their patients to evidence-based care pathways that best fit a patient’s medical, behavioral health, and social determinant needs.

Cost-Effective Behavioral Healthcare

By comprehending all members’ risks and needs, aptihealth can bring the right team aboard. Carefully chosen aptihealth team members possess the specialization, modality, services, and intensity that can help decrease behavioral healthcare costs.

Operational Superiority and Consistent Innovation

aptihealth professionals will collaborate to optimize systems, programs, and processes. Together, they will drive optimal performance via new and enhanced processes, products, and services. Ultimately, aptihealth team members will rise above the competition and provide members with superior care.

aptihealth Patients: The Care Program is Producing Results

Positive patient outcomes offer evidence that the multifaceted aptihealth care program works. Surveyed patients offered their collective thoughts on their aptihealth experiences.

– aptihealth Patients Give Their Care Team a High Rating: 4.8 Out of 5
– 91 Percent of Patients Say aptihealth’s Care Has Facilitated Positive Outcomes
– 95 Percent of Patients Say aptihealth Enhances Their Quality of Life
– 70 Percent of Patients Report Reduced Depressive Symptoms After 60 Days in a Personalized Care Plan

Patients Realize 4 Key Treatment Benefits

aptihealth’s evidence-based practices and transformative behavioral health services provide patients with four concrete benefits. These positive outcomes provide a foundation for patients’ continued growth.

Medication-Assisted Treatment Component

Perhaps a patient’s licensed therapist realizes that a standalone therapy program will not produce the desired results. Therefore, a prescriber joins the care team. The prescriber meets with the patient via a videoconference, informing the prescription of medication(s) to help the patient navigate behavioral health challenges.

Lessened Chronic Disease Risks

Patients receiving behavioral health services are less likely to develop some chronic conditions. These diseases have been linked to stress, anxiety, and substance abuse. Patients who feel hopeless and lost can realize a better life outlook through therapy.

Healing from Stress, Trauma, and/or Exhaustion

When patients battle behavioral health challenges, they often feel worried and unable to find solutions. Sometimes, they become physically and mentally exhausted. A licensed aptihealth therapist can help their patients to conquer their challenges and build personal strength.

Improved Self-Esteem and Personal Perception

Patients experiencing behavioral health challenges often have incorrect self-perceptions and lowered self-esteem. These factors negatively impact the patient’s ability to achieve their life goals.
By working with a licensed therapist, the patient can learn effective communication skills. Increased self-confidence can help them to achieve their personal, professional, or educational goals.

aptihealth’s Growth Helps Facilitate More Positive Treatment Outcomes

By introducing the Android app alongside their iOS and desktop apps, aptihealth is expanding its reach and improving the patient experience. By offering behavioral health services throughout New York State, this respected services provider continues to eliminate barriers to care and drive improved outcomes for populations who may otherwise fall through the cracks.

With a better life outlook, these patients are better equipped for success in the personal, professional, or educational arenas. They can also serve as a beneficial force in their communities.

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