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Do you want to double your Apple Watch Series 8 battery life? Here is a collection of some of the very best battery-saving tips & tricks that the internet has to offer. You don’t have to apply all of them to notice a difference. Pick and choose the ones that make the most sense to you & thank me later πŸ˜‰

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00:00 – Apple Watch Series 8 Battery tips intro
00:50 – Why & when to use Wi-Fi?
01:28 – A refreshing change
02:25 – Take the reins
03:19 – Manage notifications
04:24 – Auto-launch controls
05:13 – App backgrounding
06:15 – Basic brightness
06:46 – Raise wake movement
07:50 – Always on…off
08:28 – life in black n white
09:05 – You are legend
09:22 – Bonus Tip 1
10:20 – Bonus Tip 2
10:48 – Bonus Tip 3
11:16 – Bonus Tip 4



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35 thoughts on “10 Apple Watch Battery Saving Tips (2022)”
  1. I just bought an Ultra, that doubled my batterie-time. πŸ˜› But in seriousness, some good tipps I didn't think off. May try one or two. πŸ™‚

  2. Thank you for this very informative session. I just got an Apple Watch 8 and was disappointed about its battery life. Battery life lasting 24 hours is no fun . I have checked off all your tips for more battery life.
    How do I see number of steps on the face of my watch. I have my step number goal and would like to have it on the face to make sure I meet it

  3. You should have shared your experience as well. How often you get notification (avg/day), How long does your watch last when you apply these changes?

  4. It felt like this was scaling all the way up to throwing away the Apple Watch altogether. I mean the Apple Watch battery life sure is absolutely dreadful but losing so much functionality for some extra battery life is not worth it, you're better off with a different smartwatch.

  5. Isn’t white the least power efficient for an oled?
    I started using a red watch face like the Apple Watch ultra does and it seems like my battery lasts longer

  6. You had my πŸ‘πŸ» until you promoted Joe Rogan… flipped to a πŸ‘ŽπŸΌ – sorry mate!

  7. I did all this for my series for series 3 for years. Now getting the se 2 I’ll prob do the same I’m used to it but I hope I get better battery life though with low power mode on all the time

  8. The fact that you defeat the entire purpose of a watch, which is to easily tell time, to save battery is so hilarious to me. If you can't simply tell the time by glancing at your watch and instead have to tap or turn a dial, that defeats the entire purpose of a watch…

  9. I’m a nurse , I work 12 hour shifts. I only use my watch for work. When I’m home I turn my watch off. Perfect power saving. Lol

  10. Definitely found this useful especially when being new to an Apple Watch! Because I pretty much had a lot of these things running on my watch, and when coming from my Fitbit which I still love lol… the battery life was definitely better than my Apple but with that being said it also didn’t do as much stuff which I absolutely love about my Apple watch❀ so I hope I will definitely see a little or even a lot longer battery life! And thanks for not going to fast! 😊

  11. Bought new apple watch 8 today and this helps me so much to set up correct setting that I look all over the internet. Simply you are amazing.

  12. Man thank you ever so much!
    You can’t imagine how this video is a life saver. Much appreciating the effort and time you have put into it!

  13. Apple Watch Battery Saving Tips
    Disable Wi-Fi
    Accessibility > Reduce Motion
    Disable Automatic App Install
    Disable Notifications For Certain Apps
    Disable Auto-Launch Audio Apps
    Disable Background App Refresh
    Lower Display Brightness
    Disable Wake On Wrist Raise
    Disable Always On Display
    Accessibility > Greyscale
    Sounds & Haptics > Volume @ 0
    Disable Crown Haptics
    Disable System Haptics
    Privacy > Disable Certain Sensors
    Disable Listen For Hey Siri
    Enable Low Power Mode

  14. I got my AW Ultra last week and noticed something: when I charged my ultra with a non quick-charge cable the battery lasts longer by 10-15 percent.

  15. Yea I replace my iPhone and wallet with the Apple series 8. I sold my iPhone and found a way to make the Apple Watch a fully standalone device. My watch lasts 5:30am to 9pm easily on a single charge. Awesome video btw.

  16. These are great videos. Come come to Apple Watch from the Android world, and these tutorials are priceless. You got a new subscriber. Cheers mate. PS… what's that watch band you have in this video? There's one thing I hate about the apple watch and that is the band and how you need to fumble around to put it on.

  17. You shouldn't turn off wi-fi. The wi-fi is used to connect to the phone. It uses a combination of bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct. (not wifi over the home router, thats a different thing) You can test this by turning off the Bluetooth on your phone and your phone is still connected to the watch. It gives a very long range.

  18. Excellent! I might have said something else, but you warned me, that takes the class out of classy. The show was excellent. Cheers!

  19. Hi thanks for the video. But how you could manage to see the time even after turned off the watchπŸ€”. its not working for me

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