Google Pixel 5a in 2022: Does it hold up? – Smart Fone Video Blog

In this video we review the Google Pixel 5a in 2022, and discuss whether or not it holds up against all the new smartphones currently available.

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00:00 Google Pixel 5a
00:34 Good design and display
02:00 Excellent battery life
02:47 Great software
03:29 Decent camera quality
04:12 Performance is showing its age
05:28 (Not so) fast charging
06:08 Value for money?
07:02 Does the Pixel 5a hold up in 2022?

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28 thoughts on “Google Pixel 5a in 2022: Does it hold up?”
  1. I jumped on the black Friday $299 deal for the 6a. My 5a estimated trade value was also $299. A free upgrade sounded like a good deal but after using the 6a for a week, I have regrets. I have not received the trade-in package in the mail yet and I'm having serious thoughts about sending the 6a back instead of my old 5a. The battery life difference has been the major killer for me but also I'm having to double-click certain apps with the 6a. This was never an issue with my 5a.

  2. I just updated from a 3a to a 5a two months ago and I'm very unhappy with its performance. My 3a was still working, it just got too slow with age. But my 5a runs hot a LOT. I'm always indoors when it happens mostly with some kind of video conferencing app. It never lasts more than 20 minutes. I'm now looking to just updating to a 7.

  3. it's funny you mentioned upgrading from a 3xl 😅 my phone was going strong after 4 years then it just stopped charging a few days ago and I had to get this 5a

  4. The camera is good, but the selfie camera's pretty bad. Also, if you get this phone it's very important to get a strong case because it could easily break with a simple one

  5. IP67 with a headphone jack and a battery that lasts 2 days. To all my Pixel 5a friends out there we have the last phone in the pixel series with the headphone jack.

  6. One of the most practical phones from Google with a metal body, smooth and clean software experience, brilliant cameras and 3.5mm jack and yes how can we forget fantastic battery life!! It's a phone which will serve you well for years to come.

  7. As an owner of the 5a, I really appreciated the advice at the end to keep it for at least one more year. Thanks for thinking of everyone when making this review!

    Btw, I love this phone. Perfect for normal usage

  8. My Pixel 5a is a solid phone from December 2021. I already updated to Android 13 and it is better than before. Very stable software and no issues at all. I use my Pixel as an Uber/Lyft driver all day and sometimes I open an additional app like Netflix waiting for a guest all at the moment. I'm very happy with the performance.

  9. "Pixel 5A is the most popular phone that came out last year." Bruh it was launched in only 2 countries US and Japan.

  10. Just before watching your video, I watched another video that was comparing the 5a and the 6a and the 5a was opening apps faster than the 6a.

  11. Still using my 5a and 5 till this day. I switch between the 2 because I love how small Pixel 5 is. But I'm running the Android 13 update on my 5a and it's actually holding up pretty well. Hopefully Google learned from Pixel 6 series and polished up everything with the Pixel 7 series.

  12. First and my last phone. Worst phone I ever have. Phone's heating up very bad and shutdown the LTE signal, becomes very laggy. Nice camera shots but becomes useless when you take continuous shots as it heats up.

  13. Definitely holds up! I'm usig the 5a since January and it's a very solid build with great cameras, battery and software. I would recommend the phone to all of those who don't want or need a flagship phone! The 3.5mm jack is a bonus for me, I still like the old fashioned, corde based headphones. Great phone!

  14. If you look at the majority of reviews online, the Pixel 5a got destroyed. People complained about everything! They said the screen wasn't vibrant enough (it is), they said the phone overheated (it does but not typically unless running major games or video recording which all mid to flagship Android phones also do), they said it had touch screen lag(it does if you don't understand the way the phone is designed, palm rejection on all phones these days).

    Don't listen to any of those things because I use the 5a as my daily phone and it's so good I ditched an iPhone XR that was very underwhelming and just outdated. Pixel phones have the cleanest stock Android and they get reasonably good support for years. Everything from calls and texts to gaming and scrolling are all fine and the 5a has fantastic battery life too. The standby time battery loss is the least I've seen on any Android phone and only iPhones are better in that respect. Other androids are awful in standby time and you lose much more. The only real glitch I've witnessed is sometimes when you use the Chrome browser and search, it lags until you bring the tab up as if you're going to close it and if you tap back onto it instead of closing it, that kicks it back into gear. I never thought I'd switch back to Android from iOS but this phone put me back on it. I truly believe once Google works out the issues that the Tensor chip has, Pixels will be the android ecosystem to rival the Apple ecosystem. In many ways they're already close but they gotta figure some stuff out. I'll probably hold onto this 5a until at least the Pixel 7 lineup or possibly even the 8 lineup next year. Samsung was the closest to iPhones for years but Google is starting to change the game.

  15. A shame the 6a tensor chip is an overheating exynos. Any surprise that the Snapdragon gives way better battery life on the 5a?

  16. I'm a long time mobile phone enthusiast. The 5A has been a pleasant surprise. It doesn't blow you away but does everything well. It's a solid all around phone. I've grown so fond of the 5A that it's become my daily driver.

  17. Just switch to a used Pixel 5a, I'm upgrading from an aging 2017 Moto G5 Plus (I changed the battery by my hands, then the screen, and it's still kinda usable today but the new screen I bought has its tactile not responding correctly). It's a incredible jump. But most importantly, I want a phone to be reliable in every way, and that's exactly the promise the Pixel 5a holds. And it holds well.

    I preferred to avoid the Pixel 6 lineup because of regular 4G-5G-WiFi issues and the thermals are annoying me (Especially when it's hot outside, it throttles very quickly). Also, I didn't see why I would pay full price of a similarly 6GB RAM phone (P6A), or double the price of the used P5a for a Pixel 6. I might have waited for the Pixel 7 but no one knows what the future will hold… so I'm happy to have made the Pixel 5a choice.

    So of course, it's not a brilliant phone. It has the dark-green-grayish color of a garbage bag. The cameras are ok-tier, the back fingerprint scanner is a quirky choice for someone used to front-facing scanners, the CPU is reasonably fast, but quite behind today's competition. But I know I can rely on it and expect everything to work, maybe not always splendidly, but always correctly. My finger will get detected. It will always get network outside. The phone will last 2 days without seeing a power plug. It will display maps, websites, spotify, and switch between 3 apps without hogging or overheating. That's what I expect from a phone. Reliability.

  18. I think I'm getting the 5a provided if they still have stock. The tensor chip is still to early to tell how it'll last and the in-display fingerprint scanner is just below average.

  19. Pixel 5A is still one of the best for photos in 2022. No telephoto, like most budget phones, and no useless macro. But has 98% of average photo scenarios covered.

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