Opinion: Is Android Updated Too Often? – Smart Fone Video Blog

In this video we look at low adoption rates on the newer versions of Android os and what Google could do to fix it.

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By puertoblack2003


50 thoughts on “Opinion: Is Android Updated Too Often?”
  1. Android 13 seems are Android L to mine… nothing is more change.. except per item permision and notification permission..and in theme settings yu can choose 1y of different monet combination…
    Amd just revamped Security section of Android

  2. i actually switched to a pixel a few years ago because every phone i had would almost never receive updates. but honestly after upgrading to android 13 the only features i find useful is talkback's ability to describe unlabeled icons and images. it's pretty cool. otherwise it doesn't seem much different from android 12.

  3. Running Android 13. To be honest I don't care as much about OS updates as I do security updates. What I want are monthly security updates, and OS updates only after the bugs have been resolved. So Google, take some time and make sure new OS updates are ready before you release them. There is a reason I don't do beta testing.

  4. Man, I've been following this channel for years, unfortunately, I will have to unsubscribe as the quality of the content has been going downhill for a while now, I hope they can get things straight in the future.

  5. You saying you can't find anything to enjoy about android 13 without ever having it is like me saying I can't enjoy sushi while I've never had sushi.

  6. Thank you Reliable Hacker your complaints are correct i am a victim… i see your gmail up there and will contact you for sure

  7. I also now see why people are really unhappy with this channel, so many people been scammed here ( Look up for how to reach us ) because they heard about fake hackers here. please look into that and on the other hand just direct anyone looking to hack WhatsApp/ Facebook/ Twitter/ IG as well credit repairs to us lets help them.

  8. At this point,I don't care about getting the newest android updates but specs are FAR more important. So phones with 16GB of ram with a beefy battery are definitely what I look for.

  9. I've been running Android 13 on my Galaxy s22 ultra for about a month and a half now and I don't see anything different from 12 I keep checking for updates I got one update doesn't feel like anything changed so what's the freaking point

  10. Most Android OEMs launches phone quarterly to half yearly hence less focus on software.
    OEMs stop providing update after 1 or, 2 years even in $400 phones thus those devices are forever to stuck in older Android version, officially and called outdated.
    OEMs are more focused in launching specs heavy phone rather than a balanced phone with clean and bloatware-free software and user experience.

    A two years old flagship Android device is being treated as a year old midrange, that's neglected by the OEMs. Less priorities are on oldies and more on new devices for a while.

  11. Hi there. I use the Fold 3 in Germany and don't have 13 yet. Would like to have the Update and the current Security Patch bc i love seeing changes in the Software and with what Google came up with

  12. This video is awful and android 13 is nothing to get fomo about. Currently running a custom rom based off miui 13 on my Xiaomi 12s ultra.

  13. Update every year sucks. Alot of devices stay behind nothing that can't be updated with a small OTA and alot of OEMs lagging to deploy their update. Google should do what microsoft does. One major update and then smaller ones one or two times a year.

  14. Android has lost its charm. That’s the statement. Gone are the days when we used to get features with latest updates. Now a days, it’s just catching up. This is the main reason I have shifted to iOS (iPhone 13) as I am completely bored with Android. I wish we had more players in the market like we had in 2008-2015. Really miss the old blackberry, Symbian, windows phone operating systems. And yea, how could anyone forget the beautiful sailfish os made by jolla…

  15. Something is wrong with the percentages at 2:25 😀 115% of all Android devices have android 10, 11 or 12? 😀

    But jokes aside….there is not much you miss out anyways when it comes to new android releases, is there? It's a mature system by now and you only get incremental changes. Most features are also somewhat backwards compatible due to Android X on the development side…so even older phones get much of the fun, e.g. app dark mode is available down to Android 5 but was introduced system wide with Android 8(?)

  16. The device manufacturers decide when to push updates right? I usually buy Samsung phones which tend to get updates later on than other brands. When it comes to phones I'd much rather have time and energy go into bug fixes and performance improvements over shiny new features.

  17. This is the stupidest video i have seen. I am a person who doesn't even like to give my opinion on you or any of the surveys. This video is making me comments. How dumb could you have become!!!! In the start the Android updates were very rare what does that make just the number who are using the who are using the latest version a little more. You guys and many people like me were having issues with the Android 12 a little tweaks came Android 12.1 and many more but fixes and few new features were given with Android 13 and every previous version of Android and yes they are important. Among all you have to know dumping a whole lot of features in a single version change can be as annoying as it can be. I think Google's approach towards Android updates is good but if your phone is not having the update don't make a video to cry on that.

  18. i check on the new android updates every time their out but Nova is better i can do more with the way it looks and feels to suit me

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