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Pocket Light v1.0.0.7


Pocket Light v1.0.0.7
Requirements: Motorola Q
Overview: Artamata's Pocket Light allows you to conveniently use the camera flash on your Motorola Q as a flashlight at anytime without the multi-step process of the built-in camera.

* One button access to the flashlight. Using the Q's built in camera application, you need to hold down the camera button for 2 seconds, wait another 3 seconds before the camera application loads, then press Menu > Flash > On. Assign a speed-dial to Pocket Light and save the hassle!

* Saves your battery life by not simultaneously using the camera.

* Auto-On conveniently turns on the flashlight as soon as the app starts.

* Auto-Off saves your battery life by allowing you to set a timer to automatically turn off the flashlight.

* ScreenLight, by showing a bright white full-screen display and disabling the timeout for backlight, gives a softer light than the flashlight which can be great for reading at night.

* Morse Code feature lets you have some fun with Pocket Light. Enter any text and have it sent in morse code via your camera flash light. Hey, you never know when the cell towers will go down Smile

More Info:

Download Instructions:
1.Install Application 2.Get DeviceID from Registration menu 3.Enter in Keygen 4.Enjoy
How I cracked it:
basically he randomly generates a DeviceID, then xors it with a static number base to generate the regcode.
Snippet from keygen

Dim num13 As Integer = 7
Dim num14 As Integer = 2
Dim num15 As Integer = 7
Dim num16 As Integer = 2
Dim num17 As Integer = 7
Dim num18 As Integer = 2

num7 = num Xor num13 'char 1 from deviceID
num8 = num2 Xor num14 'char 2 from deviceID
num9 = num3 Xor num15 'char 3 from deviceID
num10 = num4 Xor num16 'char 4 from deviceID
num11 = num5 Xor num17 'char 5 from deviceID
num12 = num6 Xor num18 'char 6 from deviceID

regcode = CStr(num7) & CStr(num8) & CStr(num9) & CStr(num10) & CStr(num11) & CStr(num12)