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Windows Mobile VI Pro - Black 3.0.1


Windows Mobile VI Pro - Black 3.0.1

Requirements:HTC TyTN / XDA trion / MDA Vario II / VPA Compact III / SPV M3100 / Dopod CHT 9000 / Dopod 838 Pro UNLOCKED
Overview:The Chef (who doesn't sleep) of Black 3.0.1: Jasjamming
Kitchen Hand: walshieau

Special thanks goes to: pof, bepe and mUn for pointers and help!

Official Details:
Build: 17743.0.2.3
Kernel (CE): 5.2.1238

HEX Edited above to: 5.1.195 (17743.2.3.0)
This enables BBconnect and Goodlink compatability

So what is Black 3.0.1?

Thanks for your feedback so far. This is what has been changed in v3.0.1:

1. New BT Drivers
2. Today Theme Issue Fixed (can change themes with no issue)
3. Removed Glossy Top/Bottom bars on cold boot (caused some issues when changing themes)
4. MSN Live and Messenger Official part of ROM
5. Pimp my Black v0.2 (now with HSDPA options, TZ Phone Tab, and removed Windows Animations[didnt work] )



So what is Black 3.0?

1. Newest BUILD and KERNEL available OFFICIALLY!!!!!!!!!
2. Removed Windows LIVE and Messenger
3. Sim Manager 6.1
4. Pimp My Black v0.1 - many wm6 customizations for you to choose from
5. Removed Windows Customer Experience Annoyance + Control Panel Icon
6. New WM VI Black Boot Screen
7. System Folder in Programs for "Regedit and TaskManager"
8. Removed VOIP
9. Removed PIM Backup (you can download this directly from the authors thread - search for it)
10. 3G Video Dialer - enabled/disabled through Pimp My Black v0.1
11. Black Com-Manager
12. Pagepool of 6MB (i ran tests on the 4MB pagepool in Black 2.5 - it just didnt cut it)
13. Removed CLearvue PDF
14. Removed Transcriber
15. Wifi bubble fix
16. ATI imageon performance patch - kudos Sleuth
17. Windows Theme defaults with GLOSSY (blinged up top and bottom bars). If you dont like it, just select the standard BLACK theme.

- i wont go comparing the changelog to version 2.5 as its a new build/kernel and many things change.....

Optional Applications for Black 3.0 (packaged with the download as seperate cabs)
1. Transcriber
3. Windows Live & Live Messenger (Final - not beta)
4. Cyberon Voide Speed Dial
5. Cyberon Voice Commander
6. Adobe Reader LE
7. VJ555 Utils
8. SlingBox Patch (only for slingbox users - otherwise not required)

By the WAY, this things runs like a bat out of hell.

To install, run the (.exe).

This is an OS ONLY upgrade, IPL/SPL/EXTROM/RADIO is not included.

Disclaimer: NO warranties! LETS keep this thread clean and only post messages regarding Black 3.0.X

MAKE SURE YOUR WINDOWS XP MACHINE HAS .NET 2 FRAMEWORK INSTALLED. if not, download it from Microsoft and install it first before ROM Upgrade.

More Info:

Download Instructions:http://sinisterfrog.com/getblack.php