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MiniBar 3.0


Name: Minibar
Version: 3.0
URL: http://minibar.sourceforge.net/

Mixology in the palm of your hand.

Minibar is a free bartending application designed for Palm handhelds and licensed under the GPL. Its database now includes over 450 mixed drinks, spanning a wide range of recipes.

Included in Minibar's drink list are a variety of cocktails, cordials, shots, and tropical drinks. Each drink recipe details the ingredients and glassware required, as well as the garnishes used to prepare the drink. Drink recipes also include a short set of instructions describing how the drink is prepared.

Some of Minibar's main features include advanced filtering options, a random drink search, and a modifiable database system that allows for easy customization of the drink entries.

Minibar's main features:
* Searchable - Drinks can be easily searched for by name in the alphabetically sorted drink list. Enter the first letter of the drink name in the graffiti area to quickly jump that area in the list.
* Filterable - The database can be searched using filters that narrow your choices by ingredient or drink type.
* Customizable - Minibar's database if fully customizable. Add and remove drink entries from the database to create your own unique drink collections.
* Surprise Me! - Have the bartender suggest a drink from the list of over 450 available recipes.

Minibar has the following minimum requirements:

* A Palm Powered device (both color and greyscale supported).
* Approximately 200k of memory available on the device.
The new version 3.0 is out from 2007-02-05
If you have installed a old version of Minibar read the readme file.


bro this is archivved for a reason. this is for the palm os and not the windows os... thus why we archived it meaning that no reups are going to be done since we are windows only now....... sorry bro and this wont work on the mogul anywyas.