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Pocket Loupe v1.74b


Pocket Loupe v1.74b
Requirements: All PPC
Overview: Viewing your images, showing them to others, and deleting the bad ones before you even get back to your home or studio is critical to an efficient digital workflow. However, most laptops are large, bulky, and don't work well outdoors. The built-in LCD on most digital cameras or image storage devices can be too small to be truly effective, not to mention hard to use. A good Pocket PC offers an excellent compromise: an indoor/outdoor viewable screen multiple inches on each side, the ability to read images directly off of a digital camera storage card, and a touchscreen interface allowing direct interaction.

PocketLoupe offers many features and advantages for photographers who need to check their images while on location:

STREAMLINED USER INTERFACE: PocketLoupe is carefully designed for photographers in the field rather than trying to be a photo album creator or paint program. The toolbar allows you to delete images, move between images, view image data such as date/time the picture was taken, and toggle between fit-to-screen and fullsize views. Once the full image is loaded, just tap the image to zoom in. File handling is simple - since you are most likely looking at images on a storage card or a single directory in main memory, PocketLoupe simply lists all supported files - no need to manually navigate or choose directories.
EXCELLENT SPEED: PocketLoupe uses an industry standard JPEG library that provides high quality, fast performance that is easily competitive with other Pocket PC image viewers. Support for embedded thumbnails and THM files means many images appear nearly instantly.
RAW FILE SUPPORT: PocketLoupe supports JPEG files plus a variety of raw formats. For memory and performance reasons, the actual raw data is not used from raw files. Instead, a large (570 pixels wide for NEF files, larger for some other formats) thumbnail is typically used.
THUMBNAIL VIEW: Tap the thumbnail view button to quickly see multiple thumbnails at once. Thumbnails are generated quickly, then intelligently cached to make navigation even faster. The info button displays filename and EXIF information next to thumbnails in this view.
DELETE IMAGES: Bad pictures take up space - PocketLoupe lets you delete them before you even get back to your editing workstation, reducing the time you have to spend on post-production processing.
SEND IMAGES VIA EMAIL: PocketLoupe will automatically create a new email in the Pocket PC Inbox application and attach the current image. Great for photojournalists who need to quickly submit their images from the field.
SAVE THUMBNAIL: You probably don't want to send a full RAW image to your editor over a cellphone connection. PocketLoupe will write out embedded JPEG thumbnails into a separate file so it can be sent instead.
KEY SHOOTING DATA TOGGLE: A single tap toggles the display of data embedded in most digital camera files, such as filename, shutter speed, aperture, date and time taken, and lens zoom setting. The information displayed depends on the file type and what information the camera embeds in the file.
RGB HISTOGRAM: Along with standard shooting data, PocketLoupe displays an RGB histogram of the image. This allows you to evaluate exposure accuracy, showing you whether your image is over or under exposed, as well as information on the values for each individual color component.
GAMMA CORRECTION: Pocket PC screens are not calibrated to any particular standard. Gamma correction allows you to correct the brightness level to more accurately reflect what the image should look like.
INTELLIGENT SCALING: To save time and memory, the full-size image in large digital camera files is scaled down while loading. This still allows a significant zoom level to check sharpness and detail, without the overhead of loading an image with multiple thousands of pixels on each side. Of course, if you have enough memory, you can turn scaling off to see the actual pixel resolution of the file.
DITHERING FOR 12-BIT SCREENS: If you have an older Pocket PC, such as the Compaq iPaq 3600 series, digital photographs will look poor due to the screen's limited color palette. For such devices, turn on 12-bit dithering in the options menu to reduce posterization and improve image quality.

More Info:

Download Instructions:
Serial Number: 2956.3792.4161.7674.0655