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Treo 600 PhoneToolsPro Suite 1.4T (Latest)


Treo 600 PhoneToolsPro Suite 1.4T (Latest)
Name: Treo 600 PhoneToolsPro Suite
Version: 1.4T (Latest)
URL: http://www.smartphonetools.treobits.com/

Treo 600 PhoneToolsPro Suite

New! Version 1.4T Treo 600 PhoneToolsPro Suite Is a set of tools designed for use with the Treo 600. These Utilities seamlessly integrate into the existing phone application and provides you with advanced Call Management, Detailed Call Air Time Usage, and Detailed Call History.

"With Dropped Call and Data and Voice Usage Logging, the Treo 600 PhoneToolsPro Suite will pay for itself " - Treo User

Version 1.4 Now supports International date, time and currency formats*.

All Treo utilities support 5-way navigation for one-handed use.

Call Management
The Call Management seamlessly integrates into the existing phone application, adding Call Air time Usage Information and advanced Detailed Call History at the press of a button.

Detailed Call History
This utility allows you to display and manage the phone's call history data base. You can categories calls as free or mobile to mobile with a single key stroke.

This utility adds all the features lacking in the built-in Call Log

o Fully Customize the display Set the Sort order, column size and order.
o Dropped calls are flagged so you can get a credit from your provider.
o See the complete details of any call including the duration.

o Enter a call into the free call or mobile to mobile list with one key press

o Sort by time, length or name.
o Easily delete one, many or all entries
o Dial any number with on key press
o Data calls show the number of bytes used and Minutes used.
o Calls made while Roaming are flagged.
o Scroll through the call history in the detailed view
o One Key Press will add a Call to your contacts

Call Air Time Usage
This tool will track the details for 12 months of your call usage, allowing you to see the remaining minutes of your plan. Minutes are rounded up just like on your bill!

o Save Money by not exceeding your plan's Voice or Data* usage
o Displays the reaming number of days in billing cycle.

o Support for Rollover Minute** plans with the optional Rollover Minute Manager

o Support for Anytime and/or Nights and Weekend plans.
o Supports Data* Plans by KB and/or Minute.
o Built-in Connection Manager ensures longer battery life, by closing down the Data connection when once idle.
o Supports free Incoming Call Plans
o Fully automated support for Mobile 2 Mobile plans.
No extra typing! No need to enter number with and without the area code
o Unlimited free and mobile to mobile call list.
Why be limited to only 15 numbers?
o Easy to read uncluttered display.
o Easy to Configure.
o Minutes are separated in peak and off peek time.
o Easy to configure yet totally flexible. Supports any calling plan***.
o Maintains the previous months totals even if you delete the Treo's history file.
o Automatically tracks time and date changes.

Shown with Rollover Minute Manager **Which is sold separately.

Read the Documentation

This product only works on the Treo 600 for other phones see Kyocera phones software

*Data usage accuracy may vary.

***Orange users: Multiple calling rates by number prefix is not currently supported.

Limited only by the amount of memory on your phone.
Of course , this software need to be change the UserID , use the Multi-User Hack and change it to 'prasys' my username , I hope someone cracks this..This is not a Trial/Demo Version , its the full retail version , That I bought and wanted to share with the Treo users ,out there...I hope you like it..A pretty good software for Treo users....