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Go to the Menu, select Console and type:

oldserver(2 spaces)hotsyncID(1 space)

Let's say your hotsync ID is "patcher", then type:

oldserver patcher

Observe the 2 spaces after oldserver and one space after patcher. Why the spaces? Lazy to create a perfect patch.

You'll get serials for ChatterEmail and *all* its plugins. If you forgot what your hotsync ID is, type "hotsync" in the Console.

Explanation of what I did
"The patch is easy: In the segment where the console commands are processed, there's a string comparison with "oldserver(2 spaces)" and it eventually makes a comparison like this:


4fef000e LEA 14(A7),A7
60001b50 BRA L1388
0c030025 L1146 CMPI.B #37!$25,D3
6724 BEQ L1147
1d7c006cfb61 MOVE.B #108!$6c,-1183(A6)
1d7c006ffb62 MOVE.B #111!$6f,-1182(A6)
1d7c0073fb63 MOVE.B #115!$73,-1181(A6)
1d7c0065fb64 MOVE.B #101!$65,-1180(A6)
1d7c0072fb65 MOVE.B #114!$72,-1179(A6)
422efb66 CLR.B -1178(A6)
6002 BRA L1148
4212 L1147 CLR.B (A2)

It makes a comparison and if it equals it branches to label 1147, if it's not it copies the letters l,o,s,e,r to the argument and calculates the serial for hotsync ID "loser" (try it on a non patched ChatterEmail). I just changed that BEQ L1147 to a BRA L1147, that is that 0x67 byte to a 0x60."