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TMP (Time Manager Pad) 1.2


Name: TMP (Time Manager Pad)
Version: 1.2
URL: http://www.lilredspider.com/TMP/download.html

TMP (Time Manager Pad) is a list-style appointment viewer and manager with a unique new layout that scrolls seamlessly. TMP is fast and highly configurable.

New Features in TMP v.1.2
v.1.2 Oct 20, 2006

* Event category support.
* Category-assignable fonts and colors.
* Hi-res icon support (categories).
* New color selector with enhanced functionality.
* Indication of busy days in monthly calendar tab.
* Re-designed pane controls for improved ease of use.


* Unique layout with smooth scrolling makes managing your agenda and getting the overview more intuitive and faster.
* Main agenda view showing event description and time/location information, with multi-line support and selectable fonts.
* Integrated task list capable of expanding fully to almost the full screen for maximum viewing, or collapsing completely out of the way when not needed.
* The task list display includes optional check boxes, priority and days-to-due-date columns. It can be filtered by priority, category, whether a due date was assigned, and threshold proximity to the due date.
* Integrated monthly calendar showing up to six months (virtual graffiti devices; four months on standard devices) and providing quick, convenient date navigation.
* Note/alarm/repeat symbols with selectable symbol styles/sizes (hi-res devices) and colors. Each symbol type may optionally be hidden.
* Optional clock with selectable styles including a unique binary clock.
* Self-updating display across date changes. When midnight is crossed, the display updates in real time or on device power-on.
* Up to ten user-selectable fonts (OS5 double density devices; up to eight fonts on Sony hi-resolution devices, up to 5 fonts on standard resolution devices) for most display elements.
* Fully configurable colour-coding of specific display elements and item types improves at-a-glance differentiation of days of the week and event and task item types.
* Fully configurable hard button control of view switching, scrolling and secondary pane position.
* Item selection and navigation using hard buttons including the 5-way navigator and jog controls.
* Direct operation with Calendar and Tasks databases for performance and stability.
* Supports sampled sounds and vibration in Treo 600/650/700 devices.