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Butler Treo 4.09


The Essential Tool for the Treo 600/650!

Butler - is the assistant who thinks of everything. Alarms, Attention Grabber, Navigation, Launching, LED, Keyguard and Much More.

Butler contains 7 sets of utilities yet costs less than most single applications - Combine thisExcellent value with a 100% Moneyback Guarantee for any unsatisfied customer and you should try it!

Please note that Butler is only written for the Treo 600/650.

Alarms and Alerts - Never miss anything again

Alarms - let you...
• Play MP3s, Wav, Ogg, Midi or polyphonic tones
â—¦ Now Supports:
â—¦ Pocket tunes
â—¦ AeroPlayer
â—¦ Real Player
â—¦ NB: At least one of these is needed to allow MP3, etc play
• Set the alarms to repeat on the days you select.
• Choose snoozes, snooze delay, vibrate, LED, and more.
• Alarms will ring even if the keyguard is active, an SMS is showing - and will survive a soft reset
• 6 Alarms for even more flexibility
• NEW - Choose a message, and even an application to launch when you acknowledge your alert

Attention Grabber - fully customisable...
• Makes sure you know about calls, sms, voicemail, appointments and other alerts by reminding you as often as you ask it to.
• You can set the attention grabber to play a tone, vibrate, play an MP3 or set the LED (or any combination).
• E.g. After an SMS is recieved, vibrate, play a tone and flash the LED every 10 seconds for a minute or until you notice!
• You can specify even specify times for the attention grabber to turn itself on and off each day.

Navigation - Fly around your Treo

KeyLauncher - Access your favourites from anywhere
• Launch anything from anywhere!
• Press and hold a key at any time to launch the application that is assigned to it.

Just press and hold a key to launch the favourite that you have assigned to that letter. You can use this to launch an application, phone call, web page or SMS.

Fully compatible with Keycaps 600.

Volume Buttons - Make them work!
• Use the volume buttons to scroll through list, text, applications, buttons, etc...
• NEW!! - Use the side button on the 650 as a select key
• If you prefer - use the buttons to switch back through your last applications - then forward to where you started!

And More...

Super Special Bonus Extra Features!

Phone Keyguard - (extra strong!)
• Stop the space, delete and return keys from answering and dropping calls.
• Great if your phone case is a little too tight...

and More...
• Turn the LED off automatically at the times you choose - and still show when your Treo is charging.
• Press and hold the phone key to beam your business card (just like the old days!)
• Reactivate a locked screen during a phone call by pressing 's'
• Access the command bar
• Replace the keyguard with one that doesn't stop alarms from working.
• Automatically hide the SMS arrival popup

Attached patched version, use any key to reg.